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Round 3: Engage

Uncomfortable in the icy water, Lt. Kipperz begins the round by charging up penetrative power in his malformed fist and angrily smashes the ice encasing his leg. The ice cracks, and after a little wriggling, the water-mole swims free.

Just as Lt. Kipperz moves towards the edge of the glacier, Zordon releases another freezing blast of air, freezing another quarter of the pool. Lt. Kipperz takes some indirect heavy damage, and is forced back to the bottom of the pool.

Frustrated, Lt. Kip again moves to the edge of the ice and begins to manipulate the remaining water. He sends a wave out from the portion of the pool not frozen, which smacks into Zordon for solid damage.

Looking a bit miffed, Zordon magically produces his own sunlight and focuses what little grass energy he has to form a beam of energy from the surrounding sunlight. Lt. Kipperz, coming up to the surface at the far end of the pool, is greeted by this sight of impending doom and makes to dive underwater.

The beam of grassy death blasts where Lt. Kip just was and a huge depth-charge effect blows water everywhere. Blown back under the ice, the Marshtomp floats along in a daze, having taken a slightly off-target shot that has dealt extreme damage nonetheless.

Zordon, "panting", looks around for Lt. Kip but he's under the ice. Heeding his trainer's orders, he sends out another gust of sub-zero air and freezes over the rest of the pool.

End Round 3!

Zordon used a huge chunk of energy and needs a short break. Still relatively fresh though. Solid damage taken. Apost has used his 3-mover.

Lt. Kipperz took a buttload of damage, and is a hovering just above half health. Good energy use.

There is now an ice cap over the whole of the pool, roughly reaching half the depth of the water. There are some gaps along the edges. There is room to swim freely underneath the ice.

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