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Noire- lvl 2 female Remoraid
Special Attack: Grim Noire (Dark)
Using significant dark energy, Noire creates a pitch black arrow of energy, which is then fired straight at the enemy. If this hits, Noire will experience sudden shift in personality, causing her to go into her violent personality. This lasts for three rounds and, while she is in this shifted personality, cannot use any non-damaging moves or this move. This deals significant damage. She may use this twice per battle and will lose Hyper Beam and Giga Impact upon evolution.
Hidden Power: Dark

Arthur- lvl 2 male Machop
Hidden Power: Bug

Lt. Kipperz- lvl 2 male Marshtomp
Special Attack: Great Aether (Steel/Fire)
Lt. Kipperz expends heavy Steel typed energy to create a replica of Ragnell, in his right hand (or his mouth, as a Mudkip), before using mild Fire energy to set the blade ablaze with blue flames. He then charges towards his target and swings the sword vertically, dealing heavy Steel typed damage and mild Fire typed damage (totaling severe damage) and flinging his opponent upwards, if they are smaller and lighter than him, possibly interupting the opponent's current attack. He now has the Steel energy to use this once. Due to the fact that Ragnell is fairly heavy, this attack is fairly slow on the charge and swing. Lt. Kipperz can no longer use Toxic, Bide, Yawn, Endeavor, Substute, Swagger, and will lose Hyper Beam and Giga Impact as a Swampert.
Hidden Power: Ground

'Murica- lvl 2 male Rufflet
Special Training: AMERICA POWAH!
'Murica is now familiar with the fighting type, gaining about as much fighting energy as a water type does ice. Thanks to his training with the type, he has gained Power-Up Punch, Sky Uppercut, and Close Combat. However, Power-Up Punch and Sky Uppercut are slightly less powerful due to the fact that they are preformed with his talons. He loses access to Hyper Beam as a Braviary.
Hidden Power: Grass

Lucas- lvl 2 male Monferno
Special Training: Not so evil now, am I?
Keeping in mind that he is not so evil, Lucas has taught himself Pain Split. He has unlimited uses but it is still affected by diminishing returns, like any other healing move. He loses Nasty Plot, due to him being the least evil in the league, and upon evolution into Infernape, will l9se Hyper Beam and Giga Impact.
Hidden Power: Rock

Gaius- lvl 3 male Scyther (uplevel)
Notes: body is entirely orange, excluding blades which retain their original color

GLHF Apost and thanks for reffing and welcome back, Sciz
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