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Round 5: Down to Earth

And so the battle rages on, with the Beheeyem deciding to play defensive, erecting a boxlike Light Screen around herself to guard from special hits, but the next hit isn't special: It's status, as the Exeggutor taps into his bullshit movepool and forces an arena change, as [GRAVITY INTENSIFIES] and drags the Beheeyem down to his level! The Gravity shift seems to have thrown Hope a bit: She's a lot more cautious now, sat within her boxscreen.

Anyway, despiter her caution, the Beheeyem decides to cause some serious harm to her fellow Psychic type, unleashing a vicious Synchronoise, causing the Exeggutor to wail out in pain, recoiling from the sound! But then it swings its heads back around, a devastating Wood Hammer passing through the cubic screen and sending the alien tumbling!

Both took a huge hit, sliding through their respective thirds. Gravity is in full effect, the Light Screen is intact for the next four rounds. Nutjob might be a bit knackered into the start of the next round, but it'll clear up quickly.

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