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Round 4: Higher and Higher

And so the Exeggutor starts off another round of fresh hell, and his second against this opponent. Opting for a fourth status in four rounds, the Exeggutor fires off a cloud of Stun Spores, aiming to paralyze his mystical foe! Hope's having none of that shit however, and grimly holds her breath as she floats up, up and away, completely unaffected as she didn't really breathe any spores in.

As his foe is clearly out of range, Nutjob opts to not waste his energy on a Wood Hammer that's not even going to tickle the alien's toes. Nope, instead he'll just stand there and glare at it like one would a dog turd they just stood in. And the Psychic type's giving it reason to be grumpy, as it fires off a Shadow Ball at its fellow Psychic type, the blast from the spectral orb sending the Exeggutor tumbling even as it sluggishly moves to dodge!

Nutjob took a huge whack this round, falling into his second third of health, while Hope's poison damage is kicking in to be the only hit she took. Hope's at half Ghost and is good for two, Nutjob's refreshed after their unintentional breather that they actually sort of needed.
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