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The second option sounds altogether more fun to battle under. Sounds a liiiiittle challenging to ref, but I'm sure adapting wouldn't be too hard. The mechanic isn't unheard of in the gaming scene- In fact, it's basically somewhere between a MP-style resource and a Limit Break-style resource, so it should be easy to factor in, even with hard math.

The one concern I have (under either solution) is: What about pokemon which get a lot of moves of a type, but don't have familiarity or anything of the like? Kangaskhan with Fighting? Electabuzz with Fighting? Gligar with Bug? Or would those fall under fauxmiliarity?

EDIT: Also, I'll admit that I'm a bit of a fan of how iirc Kairne does it- Pokemon with less off-types will have more energy(/faster regen) of the types they do have access to, while Pokemon with more off-types will have less(/slower regen) of each type. I think this would serve as a valid way to put the subjective issue of 'movepool behemoths' to rest once and for all.
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