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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!? Soo ... the Chinese apparently went and created a Kantai Collection ripoff called Azur Lane (Chinese 碧蓝航线, Japanese アズールレーン). The Internet market is TOO CROWDED, I say, for there to be two anthropomorphized WW2 warships franchises. I'm not about to keep track of two different Akagis, two different Atagos, two different Shoukakus ... But that hasn't stopped the Chinese from saying "FUCK COPYRIGHT! " in classic Chinese fashion and just ... going ahead and making their own mobile phone KanColle without DMM.
Oh so that's what it is. I've seen art on tumblr and had to Google the name since I couldn't figure out what the kana was supposed to say.

*reminded needs to finish Kamen's commission* *sweats*
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