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Originally Posted by Emi View Post

Kancolle (well, Kancolle Kai that is, the PSVita version) finally has one of the USN. The interesting thing is...well...

This really makes me wonder if we might start seeing post WWII ships, since it isn't just limited to ships that have been sunk.

Iowa looks like an adult Hoshii Miki. She looks older. Fuller. Boobs. But seriously, she reminded me instantly of Miki. I wonder how many others feel the same way ...

The Engrish in her character lines is pretty bad though. I get that it's meant to be hur hur Japlish, but the problem is that the words they've chosen to make the Japanese into Japlish aren't words that most native English speakers would've inserted. Take for example:

Hi!MeがIowa級戦艦、Iowaよ。Youがこの艦隊のAdmiralなの?いいじゃない!私達のこ ともよろしく!

Hi! It's me, the Iowa-class battleship, Iowa. You are the Admiral of this fleet? Not bad! Take care of us too!
"Me ga Iowa"? ^^; Seriously? "ME TARZAN, YOU JANE!" That's what this sounds like. It should be "I ga Iowa" or some such, not "Me ga."


Battle Ship Iowa、Weigh Anchor!
Anchors aweigh. Clearly, they're going for "Anchors aweigh!" But in trying to hur dee dur dur make Iowa out to be someone who speaks no Japanese, all they've ended up doing is forcing her to speak "Stupid Japan! " Engrish instead.

A for effort, C+ for execution from what I'm seeing so far.

This is a brave new world we're entering, though. :o The world ... of American shipgirls in KanColle ... :o MUCH EXCITE!
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