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Magby - The Live Coal Pokemon
Lv05 || Male || Fire
Quiet || Vital Spirit || No Item
Normal Ball || Starter || OT: Calvin Hyde

Level-Up Moves: Smog, Leer, Ember, Smokescreen, Feint Attack, Fire Spin, Clear Smog, Flame Burst, Confuse Ray, Fire Punch, Lava Plume, Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Fire Blast
Egg Moves: Barrier, Belch, Belly Drum, Cross Chop, Dynamic Punch, Flare Blitz, Focus Energy, Iron Tail, Karate Chop, Mach Punch, Mega Punch, Power Swap, Screech, Thunder Punch
Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Counter, Covet, Double-Edge, Dual Chop, Endure, Focus Punch, Headbutt, Heatwave, Helping Hand, Mega Kick, Mimic, Mud-Slap, Seismic Toss, Sleep Talk, Snore, Substitute, Swagger, Uproar
TM/HM Moves: Curse, Toxic, Hidden Power, Protect, Frustration, Return, Psychich, Brick Break, Double Team, Facade, Flame Charge, Secret Power, Detect, Rest, Attract, Thief, Round, Overheat, Fling, Incinerate, Will-O-Wisp, Captivate, Natural Gift, Rock Smash, Power-Up Punch, Confide

Ledyba - The Five Star Pokemon
Lv01 || Female || Bug/Flying
Timid || Swarm || No Item
Normal Ball || Adopted || OT: Calvin Hyde
Level-Up Moves:
Tackle, Supersonic, Comet Punch, Swift, Light Screen, Reflect, Safeguard, Mach Punch, Baton Pass, Silver Wind, Agility, Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Double-Edge
Egg Moves: Bide, Bug Bite, Dizzy Punch, Drain Punch, Encore, Focus Punch, Knock Off, Screech, Tailwind

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