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Name: Calvin Hyde || Age: 28 years old || Hometown: Olivine City

Appearance: Calvin stands at the vaguely tall height of 5'9'' complemented by a broad but not noticeably muscular build. He has shoulder length, slightly curly brown hair that he wears up in a messy bun and a neat, short beard of the same color. His eyes are a solemn shade of bluish-grey, eluding a more specific identification than that. He has a mid-sized nose and a mouth that's usually shut in a serious manner. If one manages to catch a rare smile, they would see that his teeth are neat though not the most taken care of (but not to the point of being gross). He wears jeans, a white t-shirt, a green field jacket, and sturdy boots. All of his possessions are carried in a black duffle with that he uses as a backpack. The duffle has a couple of smaller pockets attached to the outside for easier access to essentials, such as Pokeballs and Medicines.

Personality: Calvin has always been kind of quiet. He likes to say as much as he can with as few words as possible. It's not that he's shy, he's just a loner. He doesn't like crowds and thinks other people are often annoying, preferring the company of Pokemon he's bonded with. He also can't stand cities, choosing instead to wander forests and other scenic natural landscapes. He'll go to a city from time to time to stock up on supplies and catch up with society, but by and large, he avoids them if he can.

Background: Calvin lived in Olivine City his entire life. He was born there, grew up there, went to school there, and lived and worked there as an adult. But ever since he graduated school, he had a feeling of stagnancy. He felt that there was so much more the world could offer than sitting in an office eight hours a day just to go home to an empty apartment and do it all again the next day. Eventually, he just became totally fed up with it. Without telling anyone, he up and left. He packed as little as he would need and hit the road, choosing to wander the world instead of staying in one place.

Calvin had not been on the road for long when he heard a gentle whimpering coming from the side of the road. Deciding to investigate, he leaned his pack against a tree and left the trail in search of the sound. Before long, he found a young Magby, seemingly abandoned. It's whimpering indicated that it had been crying for a while before Calvin found it. Calvin sighed, then sat down next to it. The two sat in near silence for a few minutes, the only sound being the last of Magby's whimpers. When Calvin got up to leave, the Magby cried out, not wanting him to leave. Unexpectedly and uncharacteristically, Calvin cracked a rare smile and invited the Magby to come along. From then on, the two were traveling partners and best friends.

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