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Mudkip Round 7: Rain, rain, something something sand

As the Sandstorm continues to kick up, Macero gathers some Power from his Ancient origins, creating a small ball of rock energy that he launches at Felyne. Unable to see the attack coming, Felyne gets hit directly, but Macero has no boost from it. Felyne Dances to summon the Rain, which will come into effect next round. Macero throws a Brine at Felyne, who Curls up to provide some Defense, but as Brine isn't a physical attack, this defensive position does very little. Ouch.

Felyne took some damage, and is almost out of his first third of health. Energy use was low, and he's good for two.

Macero took no damage, but used some energy. Still good for two, two brines worth of Water energy left.

Me on SP

D- Ref on PASBL
(PASBL squad!)
Let's go WILD
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