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"That's amazing!" Cayenne exclaimed, his eyes filled with wonder as Eon explained the concept of shiny Pokemon to him.

"I wonder what a shiny Torchic looks like? Maybe I can become a shiny one day! All I would need is some paint and glitter, yeah?"

Once Keith had confirmed that both he and Eon were ready to go, Robin flashed her friend a small smile, before turning to the stairs.
"Alright. J-just follow me." The girl said, before making her way to the stairs. Once she had arrived there, she took a moment to glance behind her, making sure that everyone was following.
After Aster had entered the pool, it wasn't long before Hazel joined her. Before it had started raining, the Jolteon had been looking forward to a nice swim in the nearby ocean.
While the chlorinated water wasn't quite the same as the salty water off Sunabā Beach's shore, it was enough to help the Electric type feel somewhat refreshed.

"Oh. My trainer..she already has a few Water types." Hazel explained as he paddled over to the Mareanie.

"T-they're all kind of missing though. But I'm sure they'd r-really enjoy this when they come back. Especially Blues. H-he used to love to swim in the lake by our old base."
With their roles assigned, each Electric type began to sweep up the glass shards scattered sround the floor, hoping to make the kitchen somewhat presentable.

It had only been a few moments since she had started cleaning up, but Tessa soon found herself approaching Anion, a worried look on her face.

"Uhh..I'm sorry to interrupt. I umm...just wanted to ask you something." The cosplay Pikachu began.

"You sounded a bit alarmed earlier...and I umm...just wanted to make sure I didn't..uh...say anything to offend you." Tessa explained

"If I did I umm...wanted to apologize."
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