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"Perfect!" Cayenne exclaimed, before turning to his trainer.

"I guess we're all set then. Lead the way!" The Torchic chirped.

"Right." Robin nodded, before walking off, back in Keith's direction.
"Sorry about that, w-we should be all ready now." Robin apologized, once she had returned to where her friend was.

"Oh wow! I've never seen a Pokemon like you before." Cayenne said as he noticed Eon.

"You're practically sparkling! How did you manage to do that? Can all of your species do that, or just you?"
Continuing down the hall, Hazel eventually reached the entrance to the pool room. Luckily for Aster and him, the door had been left wide open, allowing them to pass right through.

Upon entering the massive room, Hazel turned to Aster, a small grin on his face.
"P-pretty impressive, huh? This is one of the largest rooms in the house." The Jolteon explained

"Maybe a bit too big. I-I'm the only one who really comes here. Tessa and Cayenne hate swimming..and Voltaire is indifferent to it at best."
Hurrying back to the kitchen, it wasn't long before Voltaire and Anion returned to the horrible mess of glass.
"Oh, you're're back." Tessa said, looking rather relieved.
"I thought for a moment...that you'd uh...left me to clean the mess up."

"I wouldn't do that, and I'm sure Anion wouldn't either." Voltaire replied, before shaking his head slightly.

"R-right." Tessa murmured, before looking around the room.

"We should probably uhh...get to work on this then. Voltaire, you should take this side. And Anion..I should uhh...probably take that side."
The cosplay Pikachu said, pointing to the bottom left of the glass pile, and then to the bottom right.
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