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Willow found herself quite amused by Cayenne's excitement at talking to a ghost, but before anyone could say anything further, Robin approached, asking if the Torchic would enjoy a battle against one of Keith's Pokémon. This got Millicent's attention- she'd seen Keith send out Eon before, and she wondered if she was gonna get to see the Shiny Eevee in action again. She gave a small smile as Cayenne asked if they wanted to come see the battle. "Sure," nodded the Timburr.

Count me in as well, Willow chimed in.

Aster followed Hazel toward the pool. Luna simply flew off. She felt no offense at not having been invited along- Hazel's instincts were quite right, the Swoobat was about as fond of swimming as the average Minun.

"Alright, let's -whoa," Anion remarked, upon seeing just how much of a disaster the closet was. Evidently, Tessa had been in here at least once before. Despite this, however, Voltaire was able to extricate a pair of appropriately-sized brooms from within the horrible mess, and the Emolga handed one to Anion, suggesting they get back before Tessa made even more of a mess. Anion smiled and gave a small chuckle as she took the broom. "Sounds like a plan," she agreed.

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