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Robin seemed quite amazed at the mention that Pom was now a father, and she smiled at how willing Keith and his Pokémon were to help her find her other Pokémon. Keith smiled as well as Robin conceded that things weren't so hopeless after all. She then, however, asked Keith how long ago Pom and Cyanide became parents. "A little less than three months ago," Keith recalled. "Pom showed up at my Secret Base one day, in search of you. While he was there, he and Cyanide apparently discussed the idea, and, well, a few weeks later, their daughter was born. If you like, I could bring her here, let you meet her," Keith offered.

After a while, Millicent became calmer still, and finally let go of Cayenne. Her eyes were still moist with tears, but she was no longer sobbing. "Thanks, Cayenne," she said. "I needed that. I really did."

"O-oh, i-it got destroyed," replied Aster. "I-I was still very young when it happened. K-Keith's Ledian used to b-be a Shadow Pokémon, a-and used to want to take over the world. A-and he tried to do so, b-by making a su-superpowered Shadow Sky th-that he wanted to rain down on the wh-whole world. B-But Keith a-and some of his friends stopped him... but not before it destroyed h-his old Secret Base. W-We all got out OK beforehand, s-so nobody got hurt from that," she added.

Anion landed the Quick Attack, and in doing so, ended the battle then and there. As the Minun caught her breath, she looked over at the fallen Emolga, and found herself smiling. Voltaire had put up a great fight, even managing to captivate her with that Fatal Attraction move for a while. Though even now that the move's effects had long since passed, Anion realized that she still wanted that Emolga.

"Hey," Anion said, walking up to Voltaire, offering her hand to help him up. "Now that was a battle," she grinned.

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