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"Thanks..." Robin muttered in response to Luna. Truth be told, she was hardly paying attention to the Swoobat. Even as Luna's words had rang clear in her mind, Robin was rather focused on Zack instead.
It was true that what had happened was in the past now...but what if she could change it? But that was a silly impossible one. No one could truly rewrite time...right?

Before Robin could give much thought to the crazy idea, Keith spoke up, snapping her attention away to him.

"H-how did it happen?" The young trainer repeated, unsure if she had heard her friend correctly.

"Umm..well....I told you how he tried to kill me and Hazel with Project X...right?" Robin asked, her voice sounding somewhat shaky. It was clear that the Electric type specialist was uncomfortable with the subject at hand.
"Well...when Telpo teleported us it...apparently he shielded us from...from Project X's attack. Apparently the attack was powerful enough to....well, I-I think you get the idea."
"Something that snacks can't help with?!" Cayenne exclaimed, a look of shock on his face.
"This is urgent then! Tessa, please fetch our guest a glass of water, and quick!" The Torchic added.

"Umm..alright." Tessa nodded. Without another word, the Cosplay Pikachu rushed over to the teleport panel in the room, before disappearing entirely.

With Tessa gone, Cayenne's attention returned to Millicent, a sudden idea having sprung into his mind.

"Hello hello! Over here!" The Torchic exclaimed, hoping that the Timburr would be able to hear him as he drew closer to Keith and Millicent.
"W-well that's good at least." Hazel stammered, his entire body seeming to relax, if only slightly.

"You mentioned l-liking swimming though. M-my trainer he-I mean she. Umm..she has a pool here. M-maybe you could try it out?" The Jolteon suggested, hoping to move away from the topic of Corsola.
In response to Voltaire's Energy Ball attack, Anion unleashed her most powerful attack, Gunk Shot! As the two moves clashed, Anion's proved to be superior, and Voltaire was unable to react in time as the poison move cut through the Energy Ball, before slamming directly into him!
With a cry, the Emolga was sent tumbling backwards, before face planting on the rock floor.

Slowly regaining his balance, Voltaire faced Anion once more, though with considerably less confidence. Despite the Emolga's earlier claims, battling was definitely something Voltaire wasn't a huge fan of. The Emolga almost always neglected his training...and it was starting to show!
But he couldn't give up, not in front of Anion! Though the Minun might have powered through some of his dirtier tricks, Voltaire was still as determined as ever to win!

Deciding to keep things simple this round, Voltaire leaped into the air, before gliding towards Anion with a powerful Quick Attack!
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