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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
New Fizz City
The Greater Fizzby Metropolitan Zone

Newly renamed after the turmoil that gripped the region had settled, New Fizz City shines as a beacon of the region’s new future. Sprawling for miles across the land and stretching up into the sky, New Fizz City is truly the pinnacle of a metropolis. In this city that never sleeps, there’s so much to do and see you’d be hard-pressed to have a boring time.

The Harbor District

Fishing Cove: At the junction between the harbor and beach lies a small out of the way cove. The locals and visitors alike swear that this might just be the holy grail of fishing sites, leading to its name: Fishing Cove. If you want a calm area to just fish and relax, this is the place for you. And don’t forget to record your catches! The fish hut nestled back in the cove is always giving out prizes for the biggest or best catch of the day.
After dipping her toes into a couple of adventures that were all extraordinary events, Mélina felt she was ready to roll into her first adventure of her own, one which she chooses her own place and path. However... she still felt a little bit uncomfortable going out in the wild. After all, she still hasn't quite used to staying in Fizzytopia yet. After some thought and research, the not-that-young trainer decided to go in an environment where both her Pokémon and herself are already used to: the jungle of the urban kind! ...But at the same time, she felt it would be a bit boring and even uncomfortable if she really stayed in the bustling metropolis, especially since she became a trainer to get away from her city-bound job. So, Mélina compromised and still go to the city, but on the less populated - and tourist-filled - area, that is the Harbor District, more precisely the Fishing Cove. According to the city's website, it is quiet, yet it has a lot of potential for a little excitement: lots of fishing, as its name implies. Sure, it isn't going to bring a grand adventure, but better than nothing. On a bonus side, the woman will likely finally get her fishing rod into good use there and catch a few marine Pokémon! Which would be a good thing, as she doesn't have a single water-type in her team, and she would definitely need one if she wants travel into more nautical areas.

With her choice settled, after a few taps on her cellphone, she had tickets for a train to the Fizzby Railyard, which from there would allow her to take a bus to her final destination - the Fishing Cove.


Mélina was glad when she remembered she brought some sandals along with her fishing rod - the cove was more... beach-y and sandy than she thought it would be, and she would've gotten tons of sand inside her running shoes and socks. That said, she sighed in regret for bringing out her two Eevee, Soleil and Lune, who she felt they insisted on accompanying her. She overlooked on the fact that they both have furry hair, which of course the sand will get stuck all over. Thankfully Soleil, the calm and elegant one, did her best not to move too much and brush her precious mane against the tiny granular rocks. Her overly excited sister Lune, on the other hand... is completely rolling into it, enjoying its warmth. Both trainer and sister shook their heads, the former dreading already the next grooming session.

The girl didn't quite know where to start, so she simply went ahead and did as what the others were doing: picked a vacant fishing spot and threw a line (with worm bait, of course) into the water. She hoped that she'll have enough patience to perhaps get a bite, but at least she had Lune to watch in the meantime; the sight of an Eevee chasing then running away from the waves was surprisingly entertaining. Soleil, meanwhile, stared at the line, as if stuck in a trance that would rival a meditating monk...

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