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And you thought the shopping avenues were crowded… as it turns out, there’s well over two dozen people lining up by the Fishing Hut for some reason, pushing and shoving and being all around not polite at all in their struggle to get to the shack before everyone else. What’s the reason for all this commotion?

You begin to reassess your priorities given the current scenario – this was supposed to be a nice, relaxing place, at least it was advertised as such. This looks anything but, and perhaps you should go back to what you were doing…

“H-hey lady, wait up!”

The male voice rises above the crowd’s, coming from the Hut up ahead. You turn back around to see the clerk, a middle-aged man with a poorly-kept beard and a silly, unfashionable gray hat lined with fish-hooks as ornaments, waving at you from behind the counter.

“Let ‘er pass yill ya? She’s an old acquaintance o’ mine,” he says, placing you in the rather awkward position of having no idea what he’s talking about but clearly seeing the benefits of pretending that you do. “Come on, get o’er here already, ‘s been ages!”

You try your best to look casual as you pass ahead of the entire queue, which obviously does not spare you countless angry glares and muttered insults along the way. You finally reach the small Fishing Hut and the clerk holds out his hand cheerily.

“How long’s it bee, ay?” he says loudly, before dramatically lowering his voice almost down to an imperceptible whisper. “You’s Melody Star, ain’t ya?! I’m a huge fan o’ yours miss Melody! Even when ya had to leave on account o’t that shocking incident – might shocked myself, I was! But I’m a fan for life, no matter what, lemme tell ya!”

He suddenly vanishes behind the counter and pops back out with a brochure. When he speaks again, his voice is a single notch below full-blown shouting once again.

“So ya see, like I was tellin’ you the other day,” he practically yells while he points at the brochure, “we’s holdin’ a fishin’ competition for the next three days. Free admission ‘n all, which explains the crowd… So here’s what you gotta do.”

He opens the slip of paper and you notice that there are two different kinds of challenge happening simultaneously.

“We supply fresh fish to many o’ them fancy joints in New Fizz; restaurants pay damn well for what we pull outta the sea,” the clerk says with a glimmer of greed in his eyes. “One o’ the competitions happens on the south part o’ the cove; ya take a tiny boat ‘n a tiny net ‘n y’see how much fish ya can drag out in a single back-n-forth trip. One who comes back with the biggest haul wins.”

He points at the other half of the brochure and continues.

“We also take pride in bein’ the best damn fishin’ spot for ‘em young Trainers lookin’ to score a proper beast of a fish. The second competition uses a Fishin’ Rod rather than a net; ya get handed three pieces o’ bait, and try pullin’ out the meanest catch ya can. Heaviest sunavagun wins, so that pretty golden Karp ain’t trumpin’ a proper massive orange one – takes pure luck ta pull a rare one, but skill ta reel a big’un in!”

You notice he has specifically left out the part about prizes, despite these being competitions and all. Clearly he’s eager for you to join, perhaps due to the expectation that a former pop starlet will draw more customers in…
Will you join any of the competitions? If so, which one?
Melody was flattered, as hard as she worked, it never actually felt much like she ever actually heard that much about what she did. And very clearly here was a man that knew who she was, well at least who she used to be. Melody being Melody, she was happy to take any form of recognition. Plus she was getting some perks and Melody loved herself some perks, no matter what the common person might have thought of her.

She gracefully listened to the man's pitch, about the two different competitions that were happening at the same time. One would have had Melody stuck on a boat, blech, and the other would have had Melody fishing for the biggest and best of fishies that she could. Admittedly it was a touch odd that there was not mention of what she could win, but Melody had actually come to the Fishing Cove to try and get herself a new teammate, so it didn't matter to much. Well that and if Melody did somehow manage to actually win and/or get the biggest and best fish, that would be an amazing PR opportunity, now wouldn’t it?

"You know what," said Melody, her voice matching the volume of the man's, "I think I might join the fishing competition. Someone might as well show people how to properly fish."

She paused for a moment, it wasn't often that Melody got to crack out her acting skills nowadays. So Melody was more than happy to play along with this weirdo's ploy. "After all it would be a disservice to the excellent fishing skills that you passed onto me, now wouldn't it?"
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