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You have the advantage in numbers, but – ironically though as it may be – Geodude now has the edge in terms of speed. While you help Mille regain her bearings, the hovering rock turns its attention to Snivy, clearly the more dangerous of the two assailants, and like a bolt of lightning, rams into it with another Spark while the Grass-Type is busy looking over to the fallen Stufful to assess her injuries. Fortunately, the snake is naturally resistant to electricity, but the blunt force of the energy-charged tackle still pushes it back a few feet down the corridor, closer to where you and Mille are standing.

It does, however, have its advantages. Now within ear shot, Snivy hears your whispered call just fine, and grins upon seeing your gestures – it seems to agree wholeheartedly with your plan.
Just as the duo prepares to retaliate, Geodude rushes over once more with its heightened speed, charging down the hallway like a stone bullet for another Spark. This time around, however, Snivy is prepared – its body tenses up, and it bides its time, a serpent ready to strike… and just as Geodude is about to strike, a powerful Leaf Tornado bursts from below, trapping it and pelting away at its rock body repeatedly!
Spotting her opening, Mille realizes it’s her turn to do you proud, and lunges forward with everything she has, Tackling the trapped opponent with such force that, this time, it’s Geodude who is sent flying backwards and rolling helplessly along the corridor! When it finally stops, you realize the enemy isn’t getting back up any time soon… Geodude has been knocked out!

*Mille has gained 2 Levels!*

With the first enemy defeated, and without causing too much commotion, Snivy breathes a sigh of relief and nods at you approvingly, like a superior officer commanding a rookie soldier on a job well done. The three of you move along the corridor, carefully passing over the passed-out Geodude, and proceed further down the only available path until another choice presents itself: you can keep going straight ahead, or take a left turn to a new corridor, at the far end of which seems to be a closed metal door. But before you make your choice, something else catches your eye: right at the intersection is a small vending machine of sorts, and it seems to be working!

You approach the machine to see what it has on sale. The first thing you notice, however, is that the prices seem to be a little outrageous – talk about ripping off employees. The items available are few and about to run out, the lack of restocking no doubt related to the current hostage situation in the facility. Other than a few sweets, most of the stuff on sale seems designed to be used within the factory itself, which raises serious questions about why the administration would charge employees for their own working tools… Of what little is left, you identify two Mysterious Gummis sold for $500 apiece, five Yummi Gummis sold for $200 each, a single copy of TM Cut costing $600, one TM False Swipe available for the same price, one TM Water Gun for $800 and a lone TM Scald for $1500. You reason these moves would help with preparing and cooking the Finneon before it is canned, and that the only reason workers would be charged for them would be if they forgot to bring their own Pokémon to work… talk about shady business practices.

Whether you decide to purchase anything, you will still have to choose which way you go based on the improvised map Snivy drew for you earlier. Will you keep going straight ahead until the end of the corridor, or take the left turn midway?

Moving from her cover, Athena made a beeline for her Stufful. She scooped her up and gave her a tight hug.

"Mille~~y! You did such a good job!" She praised, thankfully remembering to keep her voice down. Mille soon decided she had enough, and flailed her way out of her trainer's arms. She gently hopped to the ground and acknowledged her battle partner with a nod. Athena shot a thumbs up at Snivy, not sure if it would appreciate a hug from someone it had just met. The three of them eye the Geodude as they pass it, and Mille prodded at it with a paw to make sure it was actually out.

Athena noticed a low, mechanical hum coming from a machine further down the corridor. Mille and Snivy would probably enjoy a refreshing drink, and she could use a Lemonade herself. Upon closer inspection, the vending machine held much different items than she expected. She looked at Snivy sheepishly, hoping it wouldn't mind that she wanted to take advantage of the items presented to her. She retrieved her wallet from her backpack and shuffled through it to pull out the correct amount. TMs were useful, and she had saved quite a lot before starting on her journey. She could afford to splurge a bit and have these moves at her disposal if needed. Inserting $2700 poke, she selected the TMs False Swipe, Scald, and Cut. Embarrassed, she avoided eye contact with Snivy while she waited for the machine to complete the transaction. Hopefully this would be quick, and they could continue straight down the remainder of the corridor.

Mille grew to level 5! Mille learned Bide! Mille grew to level 6!

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