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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

It is decidedly strange to issue commands to someone else’s Pokémon. You can’t help but wonder how you compare to Snivy’s Trainer, the guard-made-hostage, but fortunately the Grass-Type seems to understand your instructions just fine, grinning and nodding in agreement with your plan. Mille, too, seems to easily grasp the situation, and displays no issues with playing second-fiddle to Snivy. Despite she herself being no slouch physically, she understands her role for now is to provide support while Snivy handles the offense.

The duo turns the corner, ready to confront the first foe in the journey to confront the criminal holding the factory’s employees hostage. The Alolan Geodude is quick to spot the incoming foes, who make little effort to stay concealed, instead bent on bringing the fight directly to the Rock-Type. Mille takes the front, growling and Leering ominously at the enemy, striking fear in its heart of stone. So entranced is it by the Stufful’s glare that it fails to react in time once Snivy leaps from behind the bear and forcefully strikes Geodude with two vines, delivering impressive damage and sending the living boulder tumbling and rolling across the floor!

Peeking from around the bend, you see the Geodude in the distance beginning to rise back up, rubbing its rock hands on its body to reduce the pain of the blow. It isn’t until it keeps doing it for longer than you expected that you realize it’s not rubbing the pain away… it’s using Rock Polish! The foe grins, then lunges forward at incredible speed and strikes Mille with its electricity-covered body with a blindingly-fast Spark! This time it’s Mille who is sent flying backwards, and lands only a few feet away from you, writhing in pain on the floor…

Geodude slams its fists together, raring to go with its increased speed, despite the considerable damage it has already taken. Mille is also in bad shape, but Snivy is still perfectly healthy. What will you do next?

The trainer watched with bated breath as her Pokemon and temporary companion executed their plan. She silently celebrated as Snivy's move hit. They both looked so cool! Celebration turned to quite literal shock as Mille was thrown back in her direction. The Alolan Geodude must have realized that the Stufful was the much weaker opponent. Athena looked on in horror as electricity ran through Mille's body, making her twitch in pain. She reached out to her small Pokemon, getting shocked herself as she made contact with her.

"You're ok Mille-y..." Athena slowly moved from cover and stroked the Stufful in comfort. She helped her to her feet and dusted her off. The two of them looked toward Snivy and Geodude and Athena thought of what their options might be. Though her Pokemon was hurt, they still outnumbered the hovering rock.

"Snivy!" She whispered loud enough for the snake Pokemon to hear. She didn't know its entire moveset, but she had seen some of what it could do. She made a whirling motion with her finger in the air, imitating the movement of leaves it had shown her earlier. She hoped this was enough to take the Geodude out, but still felt unsure. Athena looked Mille in her squishy little face. Her and the Stufful hadn't known each other long, but Mille had seemed excited to join her team when she hatched. Athena didn't feel like there was much yet to her as a trainer, but Mille obviously saw something in her. That must mean there was some level of trust between them. She smiled softly at her Pokemon, and tried to look as determined as possible. "Get in there with a Tackle if you need to. I believe in you!"

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