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As it turns out, even in its sleepy state, your Girafarig proves to be a very welcome company in the dead-silent, drop-dead cold warehouse you've just stumbled into.

The Psychic-Type yawns before looking around the place with relative disinterest. You can't really blame it - there really isn't much of anything to see - after all, the place is most definitely emp-ty.

Visibly reluctant to sniff around when there's nothing to actually sniff, Bartsch complies nonetheless. It lowers its main head to the ground and attempts to pick up any lingering scents, visibly convinced it will detect nothing... until its eyes widen in astonishment - it seems to have caught something after all!
Slowly but surely, Bartch circles the lifeless room, before heading for the staircase leading downwards into the freezing mist. It makes its way down, intrigued by whatever it is that it detected, oblivious to the steady drop in temperature... until the smell becomes so intense to its heightened sense that the Girafarig stops and briskly turns around, clearly nauseated. What could have brought about such a sudden change in behaviour?

Curious to see for yourself, you decide to follow Bartsch down the stairs. At the bottom is another door, this one made of heavy iron, but it is actually half open; from behind it, a cold haze emanates that makes you shiver even more than you already were. And while your sense of smell is nowhere near as developed as your Girafarig's, you can also identify a faint odor coming from the room beyond...

Slowly, cautiously, you apply as much force as necessary to further open the iron door justa bit more, so you can peer inside. The hinges screech, much to your dismay; if you'd been relatively stealthy up until this point, the ruckus caused by the rusty hinges has just compromised it all...

Fortunately, nothing seems to happen. This place really is empty, it would seem... With your mind at ease, you finally take a peek inside the room with the strange smell, and soon everything becomes apparent. Dozens upon dozens of Miltank and Tauros carcasses hang from massive meat hooks, row after row of bovine Pokémon corpses kept inside what seems to be a giant cooler room!

The sight and the scent, now more intense than before, make you feel nauseous much like Bartsch had. No wonder the upper floor is empty - this is actually an underground meat storage warehouse! But why would the doors be unlocked if nobody's around to...


An almost imperceptible sound in the distance catches your attention and immediately you tense up. It can only be one thing - someone has just opened the warehouse front door upstairs, and you can now hear what sounds like multiple simultaneous footsteps growing progressively louder... You're not alone anymore!

What will you do?
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