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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

Your ability to get lost on foreign territory is quite possibly unparalleled. Though, in your defense, New Fizz and its outskirts are far from easy to move around. Somehow, after crossing the railyard and wondering for no small amount of time, you wind up in a sprawling, if lifeless-looking, industrial complex not unlike the ones in Unova: this is Bullarum, the industrial heart of New Fizz City. Factories are scattered everywhere, each with its own specialty production, as are a number of storage-purpose warehouses of varying sizes. More importantly, everything looks... empty.

Perhaps that is for the best, however. You've been walking for quite a long time now, it is getting dark and the atmosphere of the place is making you strangely uneasy. You decide the best course of action is to take shelter inside one of the nearby buildings, and resume your way towards the City per se whenn you're rested up and the sun is shining once more. With that in mind, you enter the very first warehouse whose door isn't locked shut, a relatively small gray building, merely one-story-high, in dire need of a paint job. The entrance door requires only a slight push to swing open with a screeching noise.

Once you step inside, you immediately notice a considerable drop in temperature, which is unfortunate for one seeking shelter from the cold of the night. The room itself is small, and more intrestingly, thoroughly and completely empty. A warehouse that houses nothing?...

The lack of anything worth inspecting makes it easy for you to decide the next step - the only thing remotely meriting attention is a moldy wooden door on the far wall of the cubicle, once painted white but its color mostly corroded by age and humidity. It takes but the gentlest of nudges to open it, much like the front door had; beyond it is a staircase leading downwards - underground, effectively - with ice-cold mist growing in intensity the further down the steps go.

It falls on you to decide whether you're properly equipped to handle the environment in the depths of the warehouse, or if you'd prefer to turn back and seek shelter elsewhere - knowing that the night ahead is going to be long, and dark, and with a variable amount of terrors.
Seiko grasped at her sides, the drop in temperature getting the better of her. The chill was the very opposite of consoling; it served only to exacerbate her looming sense of dread. She turned away from the rotted door, displacing air to force the portal further ajar. A loud creak barreled forth, surprising the guarded woman enough to send her back a few haphazard paces.

Goodness gracious, this was not Seiko's idea of a night on the town! Town? Not exactly. At any rate, I'd sooner spend the night alone in a chilly warehouse than risk a run-in with whatever stalks the urban wilds.

Seiko bit at the tip of her thumb in an attempt to stay her nerves. "Easy there, Seiko old girl... a little cold never hurt anybody. No need to get worked up, it's not like you're encroaching on anyone's space. This warehouse is empty. Emp-ty."

She stood erect and closed her eyes a moment. "Yes sir, quiet as a Dedenne," she breathed, directing a hand to the pouch at her waist. She dug around some before producing a twin-tone orb. "But just in case... Bartsch, I choose you!"

A white light materialized and dissipated with the young woman's words, leaving in its wake a drowsy Girafarig. Her posterior head yawned seconds later, confirming that the Long Neck Pokemon had indeed been disturbed from slumber.

"Sorry about this girl," Seiko gently pat Bartsch along the broad of her neck. "But I need to know we're safe before I can settle down for the night. Scout the area here and by the landing of the stairs with your Odor Sleuth. Let me know if you pick up on anything unusual straightaways."
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