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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post
The elder listens as he smiles, relieved that you intend to see this through to the end, knowing that he cannot do so by himself. Still, you can tell he feels conflicted, entirely aware that this is his problem and not yours. He is, however, unaware of your backstory, including that you are also familiar with the God of the Distortion World.

“As I said, upon his… resurrection… my old companion became a servant of Giratina. But not just any servant,” he says with a heavy voice. “The Phantom Dragon revived him as a warmongering spirit, the cornerstone of a revolution against the other Gods. This, too, he made sure I knew in my visions. Allow me to share it with you – the gruesome sight of what my old friend became.”

Dagon steps forward and places two fingers on your forehead. Immediately you are once more assaulted by visions, the ones the elder sees each time he sits on the rails – thoroughly different from yours, the path you saw is never disclosed to Dagon. Instead, he is forced to see images of his past self and his Incineroar, the feline’s death and the same weird building you described. Finally, the last image is that of the reborn Incineroar, given new form and new purpose by Giratina.

“This is Krohm, Champion of Distortion World. All traces of my former companion erased, he now exists as gatherer and commander of souls for Giratina’s army,” Dagon reveals. “I am yet to fully understand the reasons why the Phantom Dragon would gather an army to begin with, but I fear an invasion of the Human World is imminent. Krohm, I assume, is to play a central role in this endeavour. The black and red train we just saw was his own, carrying stray souls to the underground palace-like structure you saw in your vision. I strongly believe that is the heart of Krohm and GIratina’s growing army… but the path to Krohm’s Palace was never disclosed to me. That… is why I need you.”

Dagon traverses the rails, beckoning you to follow, until you reach a bifurcation on the tracks.

“Something wickedly powerful fuels Krohm’s core. As I said, as long as he lives, so will why, trapped in this realm, watching the trains of Distortion World pass as they carry more souls to do the Phantom Dragon’s bidding. Alone, I am powerless to either stop him or break my own curse. But perhaps with you by my side… if you’re still willing…”

He pulls out a wrinkled piece of paper from the confines of his dirty rags and hands it over to you. Written on it are symbols you cannot translate.

“Though its properties in this Realm are hampered, that Cleanse Tag is not without its uses. It may not outright repeal the dwellers of this dimension, but I found it renders them somewhat less aggressive towards outsiders such as us. It should, at least, give us time to prepare if we run into trouble. Please, hold on to it,” Dagon requests.

The elder looks at the diverging rail tracks, pondering on the next step. One of the railways leads directly toward New Fizz City, an ominous realization should Giratina’s Champion finish raising his army. The other, bathed in moonlight, leads northwest towards nowhere in particular, into by the dry wilderness of the surrounding wastelands.

“Which way do we go?”

As Hiero followed Dagon, he knew that he needed to be prepared for anything. Even if the world appeared familiar, the realm they were in was no longer the natural one - rather, it was a dark one - a haunted, sinister world that he was now an unwelcome guest in. After receiving the Cleanse Tag from the elder, the trainer reached into his pack and revealed a Vampire Ball in his grasp. As they stood at the fork in the tracks, he sighed - there was no turning back now. This was the kind of test Hiero had been preparing for, and Hiero had the advantage of being attuned to this realm.

He tapped the latch on the Vampire Ball, and with a sparkling light, his red Duskull revealed himself. The Ghost-type was somewhat shy, but always tried to play itself off as cool, quiet, and thoughtful. He seemed to thrive in the moonlight, his wisps fluttering eagerly - or perhaps it was the realm itself. "Dagon, this is my partner Momonga. Momon, this is Dagon. I'll spare you the details, but as I'm sure you're already aware, we're not in our 'normal' realm anymore..." The Duskull looked at his trainer and gently nodded, folding his arms behind his back. "I don't know what we can expect here, but I want to prepare for anything. You're going to need a power boost," Hiero said, revealing a handful of Rare Candies from his backpack. "If you absorb these, your strength will increase - and given our predicament, I think that would be for the best, as long as you agree."

The Duskull looked at Dagon for a moment with his glowing eye, and then back to his trainer. He floated forward and extended his arm outward over the candies. His body glowed red for a moment, and then he pulled his arm back, revealing the candies had disappeared entirely. "Interesting," the trainer thought to himself. Momonga didn't appear any different, but Hiero knew that the Pokemon's power had most assuredly increased.

"How are you feeling, buddy?" He took the Cleanse Tag in his other hand and held it out toward the Duskull. "Do you think you're up to the job?"

The Duskull nodded again. "Usku...." He reached out to his trainer's hand and retrieved the Cleanse Tag. It would hopefully be able to repel any sinister forces that may otherwise try to approach the group - not using this may otherwise spell doom for them all.

"It's settled then. Dagon, Momon, this is what my vision showed me. We're taking the northwest track. Let's get going."

(Momonga the Duskull has grown to Level 25 after consuming 13 Rare Candies [depleting Hiero's current stock to 33], learning Shadow Sneak, Confuse Ray, Pursuit, and Will-O-Wisp)


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