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Super Mario World

I beat this! I played a lot more than I bargained for, as this game's levels are longer and no less slippery than Super Mario Bros. and I got lost in the Dinosaur Land. I cleared the Star World early, but ended up going the long way anyway and ended up at Bowser's Back Door!

What I said earlier holds up. I think this game is easier than the 8-bit original, because it's easy to grind lives, and you can take more hits. It's more difficult to navigate and the controls are much more complex. I never learned how to fly properly, nor did I find the Green Button.

Also, Peach is cute in this game. I don't like her modern appearance at all.

Oh, and that Bowser final fight sucked. What makes Bowser intimidating for Mario is his spiked back means Mario can't jump on him. Having Bowser fly around in a flying saucer with a clown face and chuck lame robots at Mario is stupid. Throwing the robots into the saucer was technically difficult.

For SNES games, I thought the final fight with Ganon in A Link to the Past was way more hype, although it was less impressive to me than the Oracle ones.
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