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I started the year with about $33,000 in assets and I've made about $8,900 YTD, if I cashed in my stocks tomorrow. I still haven't hit one of the "buttons" (a stock which doubles, triples) but this is some pretty good return. Granted, I've not been sitting pretty and dumping further cash into the account, so some of those gains are diluted. The main goal here is to cut expenses, which I aim to do in the coming months. The cool part is that most of my sunk-cost expenses for the year are gone, but I will have to make periodic IRS checks as I start to rake in the cash.

T-Mobile announced they've spent $8B to upgrade their 4G LTE network. By 2019, it should be equal to Verizon's in reach, so the coverage issues will cease to apply to older phones. Meanwhile, Dish Network bought up 5G licenses, which suggests it's positioning itself with a merger with a company.

The most obvious merger is Dish/T-Mobile, as they have comparable market caps, share price is at parity (and because of the combined stock, their share price should cut in half, something to $30 per share and closer to AT&T/Verizon) and Dish is stocking up on the licenses that T-Mobile will want for 5G. Dish will get T-Mobile access to Zero Rate (RIP Net Neutrality) television like NetFlix in the same way AT&T does. T-Mobile has the least depth and most cash on hand to make an acquisition. Deutsche Telekom isn't interested in selling a cash cow that's almost as big, and will surpass its German business.

In the coming months, I would buy Dish stock and sit on it. Had you done so with Straight Path Wireless you would have x3 your investment on Monday. T-Mobile/Sprint makes zero sense now except as an anti-competitive move. From a pure growth POV, TMO purchasing Dish is the most telegraphed move in wireless.
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