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Going to say it right now: the baby is completely irrelevant to the future parts. Don't care if that's a spoiler to you!

Spoiler: show

I figured you would have mixed feelings toward the finale, as I did too. Some parts of it seemed really stupid/childish, like how Kira technically dies by being run over and not through Jotaro's pummeling (in keeping with the JUMP tradition of a morally immaculate hero) but would like him being dragged into a horrible underworld by the ghostly hands. Similarly, there's the somber scene with Shinobu and the rather silly one with Joseph.

Overall, I thought your watch of Part IV was very interesting. As I've mentioned before, I went from absolutely hating it to liking it a lot, more than Part III which was largely boring to me until the Jojo party landed in Egypt. I also had a lot more fun with both Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency, although the mystery of Morioh had an appeal to the VN lover in me who drew some transient connections to the like of Ever17 and Remember11.

Part V has been green-lit for animation. It's one of the worst Jojo parts by reputation, and for that reason I haven't read it myself. But for that exact reason, I'm going to actually pick-up the anime. I know next to nothing about Part V except the main character's identity, and maybe the bad guy's name.

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