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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
As the Munna panicked and struggled with the fat little branch, ABL tried to calm it down by offering to listen to its concern and help in any way she could. The Munna let out a deep breath and nodded, stamping on the grass next to the tree. Understanding the indication that Munna wanted her to sit down against the tree, ABL and Daffodil complied, resting their backs against the trunk. Now that they were ready, Munna inhaled deeply once again, and let out a soothing Yawn.

ABL was a little confused at first, but as the saying goes, yawns are contagious. She and Daffodil couldn’t help but yawning themselves afterwards, and soon enough, their eyelids got heavier and heavier. Before they could even react, they had dozed off, resting peacefully against the tree.

Looking around, ABL found herself in a dream-like state. Daffodil was there too, almost as if they were both sharing the same dream. In the next moment, Munna appeared next to them. She seemed to be concentrating hard, as the background and various objects seemed to swirl into existence. There was no doubt that Munna was controlling this dream, and the two of them were along for the ride to watch the scene play out.

In Munna’s dream sequence, ABL could spot a small blueish-gray creature lying on a tree branch. It had fluffy ears and a big black nose. The little creature was fast asleep, but it appeared to be in severe discomfort. Almost as if it were sleepwalking, the creature tossed and turned, reaching its arms out as if it were missing something very important to it. Continuing its sleepwalk, the creature climbed down from the tree and wandered off, until it was completely gone from the picture.

The dream continued, and it showed Munna looking for a log, similar to the one Daffodil tripped on. She tried pushing it along the grass, but then she found another log. And another, followed by two more after that. Soon enough there was a giant pile of logs, and the right one was in there like a needle in a haystack. Munna must be conflicted about which one was the right one.

With that, the dream came to an end much like a bubble’s existence ends with a pop. Munna ate the rest of the dream in order to wake the trainer and the Mareep up as they roused themselves to find Munna staring up at them with a worried apprehension in her eyes. Munna must be quite worried about her friend and is asking if ABL would be willing to help.
After the hike through the hills and the excitement that ensued, sitting down at the base of the tree feels good. ABL didn't think the trip had been all that strenuous thusfar, but a single Yawn from Munna has the trainer feeling overwhelmingly drowsy. Though she's still anxious to assist the unusual little Pokémon, her spot underneath the tree is so very comfortable, and just closing her eyes for a few minutes wouldn't hurt...

Suddenly ABL is awake and alert, but confused. This doesn't look quite like the Galea Plains, at least certainly not the spot she was just in. It feels familiar, yet different. Something's off... Then the truth hits her in the head like an apple falling from a tree. Of course, this is a dreamscape! This little Munna is using Psychic abilities! ABL feels silly for not having figured it out sooner. Munna is hovering nearby, but seems to be lost in focus and so the trainer determines it's better to let her be and see how the dream plays out.

Within her dream, the trainer can see a critter that she's never encountered before. It's new to ABL, but it has a wealth of charm to it. Enchanted, ABL tries to get closer for a better look, but the odd ball of fur seems to be struggling. So this must be the cause for Munna's concern. The cute creature continues its unhappy search, but ABL can't seem to approach it before it retreats into the distance. She wants to call out, to do something, but it's too late. The mysterious little being is gone.

All too quickly, ABL's confusion and grief are behind her, and she finds herself facing another scenario. Now, she can see Munna again, trying desperately to collect as many pieces of wood as it can. But this Pokémon is so small, and not built for this kind of physical labour. Is this what poor Munna has had to go through, all alone? No wonder it was in such an agitated state when its path crossed with the trainer and her Mareep. ABL starts to make her way over to help Munna move the logs and sort through them, but with a burst of light, the dream ends.

Coming to her senses, ABL finds herself still sitting beneath the same old tree. She looks at the trunk suspiciously, running her fingers over the bark to test its authenticity. She runs her fingers through her hair, still unsure, then finally squeezes some of the flesh on her forearm between her long fingernails. The resulting pain and its accompanying wince are very real, as are the marks left on her skin. At least relatively confident in her consciousness now, ABL looks into Munna's troubled face.

"You're trying to help your friend?" she says sympathetically. "What a loyal Pokémon you are. Well, I suppose we'd better start with this, right?"

ABL points to the smooth branch cutting that they found, picking it up and tucking it under her arm for now. Daffodil bleats her approval, obviously happy that her trainer is volunteering for duty.

"Maybe let me carry this, okay?" she suggests with a smile. "And if this one isn't the right one, then we'll just keep looking! Do you know where your friend is? Can you lead us there, please?"

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