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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Stone Shrine: A small shrine made out of stone. It is located at the base of the Starline Falls in a clearing filled with jagged rock formations. Many rock and ground type pokemon can be found here. The shrine is home to one of the two trial leaders for the Galea Plains. (Please reply in lightslategray)
Sypher walked along the bank of the stream, listening to the rage of the waterfall behind him. He breathed deeply taking in the smell of fresh water. Having spent several weeks island hopping it had been a while since he had done this. He preferred this smell to the fishiness of the ocean. As a breeze began to stir, he felt the humidity on his skin. It was a giving air, never heavy and always cooling. As he stepped the crunch of the salty gravel beneath his feet added a lite drum beat to the symphony of the river. Finding a wide shallow pool he stopped and began to search through the stones at the bottom, hoping to find some loose members of the Beryl family amongst the skippers and rough stone. He had hoped to gather the materials for a small divining ritual, having already gathered the needed sage and ash wood.

Nearby, in a small outcrop of rocky spire jumped a helmeted lemur. This was Julian, a Sypher's Passimian. He would throw his berry at one spire, and jump to another to catch it on the rebound. He would hang for a moment, perfectly fine with the surrogate trees, before throwing again. When he failed to catch his berry, which didn't happen often, he would stop and walk to the river to splash water on his face. Then he would toss the berry out into the middle of the stream and let it float away before swimming in to retrieve it. Afterwards, he returned to practicing his rebounds.

"Yes!" Sypher said holding up an a small aquamarine to the sun. "You are a beauty! It took me well over three hours but I found you. Hell, look at me, I'm crying. I'm gonna need about ten more, thought, maybe more." The gem was no more than a centimeter in diameter, but it was a start. He needed about 75g of the gemstone and a small nugget of silver for the ritual. Another few hours passed as Sypher moved along the bank of the river. With the sun setting he had also stumbled upon a few pieces of turquoise but little else. "Well, maybe its time to pack it in for the day. Julian!" Sypher yelled turning to see the Lemur napping on his backpack. Walking over and grabbing a stick he proceeded to poke at the Passimian. "Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey... Hey... Hey. Well that's not gonna work." He reached down to pull the pack out from under Julian's head, althought doing so made the Pokémon's head hit the ground with a thump.

Startled awake, Julian instinctively threw his berry in self defense. The loosed berry flew straight up cracking Sypher in the nose. After several expletives and a blood rag the duo headed towards the shrine at the base of the water fall hoping to hunker down at the trial leaders cabin. "Well I didn't find much today, how'd your practice go?" Sypher said looking down to Julian. The Lemur looked back as he walk giving a grin and a thumbs up. "That's great, I'm glad one of us had really good luck today." As the duo passed the shrine an idea popped into Sypher's head. Stopping he reached into his pack retrieving a piece of paper. On it he wrote a small prayer asking for luck. He rolled the paper up before leaving it on the shrine alongside the Aquamarine and Turquoise that he had found.
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