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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Alright guys, here they are! Thanks for your patience~ xD

Lucas had entered the Cloud Garden with a goal in mind; find a suitable location to house a Secret Base for his friend Jeri in exchange for borrowing his Pokemon as travel companions. He had intended on exploring forests, rivers, and cliff sides, but before he set out on his journey he heard something in the village that piqued his interest. Hailing from the exquisite and eccentric region of Kalos, the notion of visiting the Cloud Garden’s Rose Garden was too big to pass up.

As he set off down the path, vibrant flowers lined the road. The sweet smell and inviting colors all pointed in the same direction. Like a moth to a flame, Lucas couldn’t help but feel drawn in by the pleasing fragrance in the air. With the garden in sight up ahead, he could spot a number of structures covered in lush vines and surrounded by neatly trimmed hedges. Arriving at his destination, Lucas could see that this was no Parfum Palace, but it had its own beautiful charm.

While it was called the Rose Garden, there was a large variety of flowers planted in different flower beds across the garden. The main attraction were the aptly named roses of course, but a bountiful display of hydrangeas, tulips, lilies, and many more flowers decorated the vast expanse of the garden. As Lucas looked around, he began to notice that flora was not the only kind of life that existed here. Several species of Butterfree, Beautifly, and Vivillon fluttered around in the distance, while Combee worked hard to make sure the flowers were all pollinated. He then noticed a patch of Sunflora, all gazing upward to soak in the sunlight, with a few Sunkern saplings below them. However, one of the buds seemed off. Upon closer inspection, it was a Budew what was seemingly in the wrong flower bed. It appeared small and frail, as if it wasn’t getting enough sunlight.
Lucas breathed deep, taking in the fresh, floral smells that surrounded him. He was reminded of Central Kalos and the numerous routes with meticulously groomed hedges and swaying flower beds where the Flabébé played. It wasn't quite as elaborate as the gardens of the Parfum Palace, but it held an ethereal charm all its own.

Lucas quickly discovered that the garden was not just roses alone, but a wide variety of flowers of all shapes, colors, varieties and scents. He soon also came to find there were a number of Pokémon living their lives among the blooms, including some familiar sights of Pokémon he had seen in Kalos. A particular group caught his eye - a number of Pokémon with big floral faces and what seemed to be their seed-like preevolution. There was one Pokémon, however, that seemed a little out of place in its bed... It was another he recognized as a resident of Kalos, a Budew. At first glance, the poor thing appeared to be in the wrong place entirely, sagging and wilting as it struggled to compete for sunlight with the rest of the plants and Pokémon.

Lucas felt compelled to help, though from his understanding of this particular Pokémon, although it was rather small, it could be a bit dangerous. He wasn't sure exactly what kind of help he could offer the little thing, but it seemed like it could use a hand either way. Trying his best not to spook it, he knelt down and offered a hand.

"Hello there, you look like you need some help. Maybe we can find you a nice sunny spot, or some water, perhaps?"

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