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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Galea Plains: A vast stretch of rolling grassy hills. There are a few scattered trees that supply shade as a gentle breeze blows from the mountain. There is a ranger’s cabin that allows travelers to rest up their pokemon and prepare for the hike that is yet to come. A wide variety of pokemon inhabit this area. (Please reply in lightgreen)
Today was a very special day for Patches and her Pikachu Mio. "As I promised Mio, we're finally back. How long has it been since we were last here? 13 years?" Patches can't seem to remove the huge smile on her face, not that she wants to. 'This place brings back so many memories. The place where it all began. I'm happy I was able to keep my promise to Mio. This is the first place we ever journeyed to together back when it was just the two of us.' She takes a deep breath and stretches her arms up to the sky then intentionally allows herself to fall backwards, landing softly in the grass. "Ahhh, it's such a beautiful day to be back too." She lays there feeling very nostalgic.

"Pikachu!" Mio begins to intentionally roll herself down the hill and then runs back to the top just to do it all over again. "Oh, that looks like a lot of fun!" Patches doesn't hesitate to join her, although she's an adult it's very rare that she acts like it so rolling down hills isn't unusual for her. However, it does seem to tire her out much quicker than it would have if she were still her younger self. "Alright Mio, I'm going to go sit under that tree over there but you can play for as long as you like!" She says while walking away toward a nearby tree. She settles herself down in the shade on the grass below the tree and watches as her Pikachu continues to play on the hills in the distance. The beautiful day mixed with the sound of the leaves rustling as the wind blows through the trees is so soothing that Patches finds herself nearly dozing off so she shuffles through her bag for a familiar pokeball. Most trainers keep their Pokémon within reach but Patches has always been very unorganized and tends to just throw her Pokémon's pokeballs in with everything else. "Found you!" She presses the button releasing a very happy Charmander. "Oh, hello there Kei! Heh, I thought I had grabbed Rika's pokeball but I'm just as happy to see you!" Kei's not sure if he should be feeling happy or offended by that statement but decides to just go with the former and gives Patches a quick hug before looking out at Mio playing on the hills. "I just figured it'd be nice to have some company while I relax under this tree. Care to join me?" Kei walks over and sits down next to Patches leaning into her and the two of them remain there nice and content while they wait for Mio to tire herself out.

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