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Galea Plains: A vast stretch of rolling grassy hills. There are a few scattered trees that supply shade as a gentle breeze blows from the mountain. There is a ranger’s cabin that allows travelers to rest up their pokemon and prepare for the hike that is yet to come. A wide variety of pokemon inhabit this area. (Please reply in lightgreen)
Elka had heard rumours of the Cloud Garden as a child, but always assumed that she would never actually be able to explore such a fantastic area. Her first destination was the Galea Plains, as she assumed that the nice flat terrain would be the easiest to traverse with her crutches. Her companion and service Pokemon, Pascal, lead the way. His purple harness and leash contrasted greatly against the pale green grass that surrounded her. She knew that she would inevitably, eventually have to hike up the mountain; and she was more than willing when the time came. However, some nice relaxation in the beautiful grassy hills seemed like the best way to start.

Pascal, her Eevee companion, seemed to be having the time of his life. At every small shrub or lone tree, he stopped himself to take a sniff of the wildlife. Elka supposed that he probably never got out much before she obtained him, with the rigorous training that service Pokemon have to go through. All of this was probably new to him, and well, it was kind of new to Elka as well. She avoided the outdoors after being diagnosed with her disease, not wanting to be seen by others. However, her grand Pokemon journey would hopefully be the overcoming of such a petty concern. She would have no reason to hide once she was one of the most famous trainers. She had no clear destination in mind, but she knew that eventually she would see some sort of Pokemon peaking it's head out from one of the small hills, or from one of the tall trees in her wake. Whatever was coming her way, she was ready for it. She felt like she could take on anything right now.
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