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Whimsicott The Cloud Garden


There it stands, deep in the heart of Fizzy Bubbles. The majestic Mt. Zephyria reaches up into the heavens, peaking at a total of 12,000 feet. Lush forests and winding creeks line the veins of the mountain all the way up to a magnificent crown of clouds. In ancient times, it was referred to as “The Palace of the Gods” due to the belief that eternal wreath of clouds housed a deity at its summit. These tribes that settled on the foothills of Mt. Zephyria were rich in tradition and culture, as they lived with reverence to the nature that surrounded them in order to appease the gods above. Nowadays this region is known as the Cloud Garden; an ecosystem that is equally beautiful and unforgiving.

With the civilizations of antiquity long gone but not forgotten, a new age of modernity has settled. At the foot of the mountain, a small village marks the entrance to the Cloud Garden. Galea Town is positioned right on the great Fizzy Lake with a small harbor where adventurers and tourists may enter. The people in this village have a culture that is a fusion of both modern technology and ancient tradition. It is supplied by the Starline River which feeds into Fizzy Lake from the Starline Falls further up the mountain. The majority of the villagers live in Galea Town, but several ranger cabins and shrines are scattered up the mountainside.

Atop the summit of the Cloud Garden rests the great Cloud Colosseum; an ancient shrine that has been transformed into an arena for elite trainers who have earned the right of entry. Tournaments are held regularly, where the people of the village dedicate their battles to the gods of old. There are three tiers of areas in which travelers are permitted to visit in the Cloud Garden. In order to gain entry to the next tier up, one must have Pokemon well-equipped to handle the rough terrain.

The Galea Foothills:
The Galea Foothills covers the greatest expanse of land in the Cloud Garden. Beginning with Galea Town, adventurers may follow along the Starline River up across the plains and into the mountain. Other areas include the Starline River, the Rose Garden, Galea Plains, Cloud Forest, and the Stone Shrine. The boundary of the foothills lies at the Starline Falls, a giant waterfall that cascades down from the incline above.

Starline River: A calm river that flows down from the mountain and passes by the village on its way to the lake. The water is crystal clear in the shallower areas, darker in the deeper center. The river makes a great place for picnics and for those who enjoy fishing. (Please reply in skyblue)

Rose Garden: A colorful garden that has been beautifully maintained. Roses among maybe other kinds of flowers of all sorts of colors and shapes make this scenic area a must-see for those who have come to sightsee. The fragrant aroma has made this garden the home for a number of species of grass and bug type Pokemon. The garden is home to one of the trial leaders for the Galea Foothills. (Please reply in springgreen)
Whimsical Wonderland: There is word of a secret garden hidden in the depths of the Rose Garden that is impossible to find without a special map to navigate the hedge maze. This garden is so hard to find that some wonder if it truly even exists. Accessible only with a Fable Badge. (Please reply in springgreen)
Galea Plains: A vast stretch of rolling grassy hills. There are a few scattered trees that supply shade as a gentle breeze blows from the mountain. There is a ranger’s cabin that allows travelers to rest up their Pokemon and prepare for the hike that is yet to come. A wide variety of Pokemon inhabit this area. (Please reply in lightgreen)

Oran Orchard: A berry farm located to the east of the Cloud Forest that is run by a small family. The farm is an orchard that is filled with berry trees of every variety. The family likes to enlist travelers to help with various tasks in exchange for berry or apricorn rewards. They also provide a service to convert apricorns into Pokeballs. (Please reply in orange)

Cloud Forest: A dense forest that surrounds the base of the mountain. The trees are home to many kinds of bug, grass, and bird Pokemon as well as many others. A woodcutter’s cabin is home to one of the trial leaders for the Galea Foothills. A Mossy Rock can be found deep within the forest. (Please reply in limegreen)
Cloud Canopy: Deep in the heart of the Cloud Forest is a grove of gargantuan trees whose canopies served as a home to an ancient civilization. Travel high into the treetops to explore their ruins and see what hidden treasures are in store. Accessible only with a Cutter Badge. (Please reply in limegreen)
Stone Shrine: A small shrine made out of stone. It is located next to the base of the Starline Falls on a small plateau against the mountainside with jagged rock formations. Many rock and ground type Pokemon can be found on the small hiking trails around the shrine. The shrine is home to one of the trial leaders for the Galea Foothills. (Please reply in lightslategray)
Cosmic Cavern: Behind the Stone Shrine is the entrance to a gigantic cavern system below the mountain. The Stone Shrine’s true altar lies deep inside and is said to be the home of an ancient god. Many rock type Pokemon can be found in here as well as Pokemon that see in the dark. The use of Flash is required. Accessible only with a Stone Badge. (Please reply in lightslategray)

The Starline Falls:
The Starline Falls are a very important landmark in Galean culture. In the past, they represented a pathway to the heavens above, as the gods would bestow the gift of serene mountain water to the people below. In order to gain access to this area, one must clear the trials below in the Galea Foothills and clear the purification ceremony. HM Waterfall is necessary to ascend the falls as well. Once at the top of the falls, adventurers gain access to areas like the Fountain Garden, the Burnt Forest, the great Starline Waterfall, and the Cloud Shrine. Above the Cloud Shrine lies the Celestial Road; a layer of clouds that perpetually encircles Mt. Zephyria’s peak.

Starline Waterfall: A large pool of water that flows over a cliff to the Starline River down below. Further upstream is a meandering river that features a fast-flowing current, several rapids and smaller waterfall overflows from the mountain above. This area is home to hardier water Pokemon, and there is even legend of a rare dragon Pokemon that might live under the water. The use of Waterfall is required to ascend the falls. (Please reply in aqua)

Fountain Garden: Stemming off from the Starline Waterfall, the Fountain Garden features a series of small pools and gentler waterfalls. Lush greenery adds a picturesque finish to the area, making it an excellent tourist attraction. The garden is also home to one of two trial leaders in the Starline Falls area. (Please reply in deepskyblue)
Glistening Grotto: Tucked away underneath the waterfalls of the Fountain Garden is an ancient grotto that’s remained pristine for millennia. Pools of primordial water reflect the bioluminescent algae that paints the cavern’s walls. Accessible only with a Flood Badge. (Please reply in deepskyblue)
Makini Sanctuary: Just beyond the Fountain Garden lies the Makini Sanctuary, a lush paradise for endangered Pokemon. Tucked away behind the trees is a peaceful clearing with a calm spring that provides pristine water for the species that live here. In order to rehabilitate the endangered species of Pokemon, capture here is strictly forbidden. A ranger’s cabin allows travelers to rest their Pokemon here and provides a watchful eye. (Please reply in lightseagreen)

Burnt Forest: Another dense area of woods. Many of the trees appear scorched from a forest fire in the past and have yet to recover. The trees that aren’t dead are quite imposing and dark, leaving a foreboding atmosphere. Fire and dark Pokemon can be found here and have become quite territorial in this secluded area. (Please reply in sienna)

Snowfall Steppe: North of the Burnt Forest across a small river is an open plains covered in snow. A few clusters of pine trees are scattered through the area. This area is home to a number of icy type Pokemon as well as other Pokemon that can handle cold temperatures. Due to the mystical presence of a large Ice Rock, temperatures remain cold all year long. (Please reply in white)
Delibird Ridge: Overlooking the Snowfall Steppe is an icy mountain pass known as Delibird Ridge. It is home to flocks of its namesake Pokemon as well as many other ice and rock types. A number of icy caves can be found and explored in the mountainside as well. Navigation in this area is treacherous and the use of Rock Climb may be required in some parts. (Please reply in white)

Cloud Shrine: Further up the mountain sits an old shrine. A thick layer of clouds that surrounds the mountain like a ring forms a low ceiling over the area. This area is home to many flying Pokemon that are capable of withstanding the strong winds as well as one of the two trial leaders in the Starline Falls area. (Please reply in lightblue)
Ethereal Enclave: Towering above the Cloud Shrine is an impassable ridge of jagged mountain and swirling winds. However, atop these rocky spires is a world of marvel; plateaus blanketed by clouds give the appearance of walking across floating islands. Accessible only with a Squall Badge. (Please reply in lightblue)

Zephyria Peak:
Traversing up the Celestial Road takes one through the clouds and up into Mt. Zephyria’s peak. Here one can find the Cloud Colosseum, but access is limited to those who have cleared the final trial. This area of the Cloud Garden features some of the most breathtaking views as well as some of the most unforgiving terrain. Areas to explore include the Celestial Road, the Garden of Memories, Moonfall Plateau, and the Shrine of Legends.

Celestial Road: A rocky path that leads up the mountain behind the Cloud Shrine. Swirling winds and thick clouds make travel here treacherous. Many rock, ice, flying, and dragon type Pokemon can be found here. However, adventurers need to be on their guard, because the Pokemon here are tough and battle-tested. The use of Rock Climb is required to ascend some slopes. (Please reply in silver)

The Lightning Rock: A tall jagged spire serves as a natural lightning rod to attract all of the negative particles in the atmosphere. There is constant static electricity in the air and on the ground around here, creating the perfect environment for electric and steel type Pokemon and even allowing some to evolve in mysterious ways. (Please reply in yellow)

Garden of Memories: An old garden that is overrun with dark vines. This garden was once used as an ancient burial ground and it’s said that those who camp here have dreams of those who have died on the mountain in the past. This area is home to ghost, dark, and psychic type Pokemon. (Please reply in lightslateblue)

Moonfall Plateau: A large rock plateau near the peak of the mountain. It is located in the eye of the winds that swirl around the mountain, leaving a calm atmosphere in the air. This is the best place for stargazing at night, and some stars can even be seen during the day. It is said that some Pokemon here are visitors from outer space. A ranger’s cabin allows travelers to rest their Pokemon. (Please reply in gold)

Shrine of Legends: A large shrine sits below the steps of the Cloud Colosseum in a peaceful clearing. A grassy plains and several rock formations outline the area. The shrine is home to the final trial leader that allows adventurers access to the Colosseum. Be prepared for a challenge. (Please reply in plum)

Cloud Colosseum (Special Area): An ancient stone amphitheater that rests atop the summit of Mt. Zephyria. The original structure has been kept intact for hundreds of years, but has since been supported with modern amenities. The center of the arena where the events are held is sunken into the ground, providing a natural bowl of seating for the audience. Tournaments are held several times a year to signify the changing of the seasons and are held in reverence to the old gods in which the shrine was originally intended to worship. Those looking to participate in the tournament must have cleared all of the trial challenges of the Cloud Garden first. (Please reply in steelblue)

Cloud Garden Rules:
1. Please respond in the corresponding color of the area in which you wish to travel.
2. Up to 6 Pokemon may be designated as the active party on one’s individual team. Pokemon on the updatee’s active team may be revealed at their own discretion. Pokemon may be switched out at a PC in any Rangers’ Cabin. If 6 Pokemon have already been revealed in an adventure and a new capture is made, updatees will be allowed to select which Pokemon will be sent to the box.
3. In order to access the Starline Falls area, one must have a Pokemon with the HM Waterdall. In order to access the Zephyria Peak area, one must have the HM Rock Climb. In order to access the Cloud Colosseum, one must have cleared all Cloud Garden trial challenges.
4. At any resting point in one’s adventure, one may request to move on to a new area, as long as they have clearance. It will take about 1 to 2 updates to change locations. However, the more frequently one changes locations, the more likely one is to be interrupted while traveling. Please notify your ZU of your intentions before doing so.
5. At any resting point in one’s adventure, one may switch between pursuing the trial challenges and free exploration. Please notify your ZU of your intentions before doing so.
6. When participating in the trial challenges, a specific number of Pokemon will be allowed for the duration of each trial.
7. Several rangers’ cabins are located throughout various Cloud Garden areas. Adventurers may elect to stay the night in these cabins, heal injured Pokemon, and switch Pokemon in their active party from a PC. Please notify your ZU of your intentions before doing so.
8. Certain areas have special sub-areas that may be only accessible with the use of a certain HM or after clearing a corresponding trial challenge.

Cloud Colosseum Rules:
The Cloud Colosseum is closed for renovations until further notice.

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