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Marshal's Headquarters (Marshals): Situated in the relatively stable north, the headquarters of the police force is a large compound with tight security, home to the Goldenridge Marshals in their fight to restore the name of Goldenridge to bedlam. The force has recently started a campaign against the Shells and Ribs, seeking to push them out of the city once and for all, and are willing to accept mercenary support from trainers willing to help out in the fight. The reinforced location seems to be more attractive to pokemon who enjoy a sense of justice and honour. Reply in Silver.
A platinum blonde woman walked up to what she assumed was the Marshals' Headquarters, each of her steps filled with purpose. Wearing a subdued silver tank top and a pair of designer jeans, finished with a pair of blue kitten heels and a light pink sun hat, Melody had specifically sought out the HQ once she found out about Bedlam.

Walking alongside her was what appeared to be a pink plush toy, Princess the Stufful, scouting ahead every now and then. After all, Princess was the best bodyguard out there.

Melody had talked to her PR guy, and he thought that trying to do something with the situation would do wonders for her public image, and she had been secretly thrilled that he had agreed with her. She didn't like to share this part of her personality publicly, but there was always a part of her that wanted to be a hero.

And that was how she found herself standing at the doors to the HQ, hoping to become a little bit more of a hero... and getting a great PR opportunity.
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