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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Poison Types: 2 levels, 1 Egg or MT move, 1 TM, 1 +10 Birthday Poffin, 1 Pink Gummi
And it's time for another one of my Pokémon to celebrate a birthday! Today, the birthday boy is none other than Scorpius, my level 25 Skorupi!*

: Skor! *eagerly scuttles toward birthday gifts*

Heh, he's been more eager than ever before to get stronger lately. I wonder if this could be leading up to something...?

*Scorpius grew to level 26!*

*Scorpius grew to level 27!*

*Scorpius learned the TM move Swords Dance!*

*Scorpius learned the Egg move Slash!*

*Scorpius eagerly wolfed down the Birthday Poffin!*

*Scorpius's Tough, Cool, Cute, Smart, and Beauty stats each rose from 10 to 20!*

*Scorpius eagerly wolfed down the Pink Gummi!*

*Scorpius's IQ rose from 1 to 2!*

C'mon, Scorpius, we better get back to the Secret Base. Hermione's been working all day on that birthday cake, it'd be a shame to let it go to waste... or to Crabbe's bottomless pit of a stomach, for that matter.

: *nods* Skor, Skorupi!

Tess Edit: Skorupi's birthday presents confirmed.

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