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Round 17: Down to the wire

With his second Pokémon down, Handy resorts to his final selection, a Scyther shiny Delibird named Pinkie. The Santa-esque Pokémon stands on the ground, sack-tail at the ready to end this battle.

He starts by dashing toward the rat, fist glowing with Focus, in a rarely-seen Quick-charged version of this attack. Chippy responds by lowering his head, a white aura covering his Skull as he too dashes forward. The two attacks collide, Pinkie Punching Chippy as the Normal-type Bashes the bird. While the aura protects him, that's still an SE attack, and he takes some damage, though not as much as Pinkie, and the two are sent flying apart.

Dusting himself off, Pinkie decides to cool down his opponent, firing a Blizzard of snow and wind at the rodent, who casually dodges with a burst of Agility, though is still clipped with the powerful attack.

Chippy took decent damage, now down to around 1/4, top edge of critical. Pinkie took fair damage, a decent way from perfect.

Chippy used decent energy, now just below 1/2. Pinkie used a lot of energy, a good way from perfect. Fighting at 3/4.

The two are about 4 metres/13 feet apart

Prders from Peridot.
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