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Round 15: Rotom on the run

This is why you need an appliance d:

Sensing he's got his opponent on the run, Chippy cloaks himself in that now-familiar Dark aura, another Pursuit of the ghoul being initiated. Rotom lauches a Wave of Thunderous energy as the rodent comes in, but muscles aren't in the equation, and the bubble again bursts in his face, knocking him back and his health reserves down further. Chippy drops to the ground, his muscles seizing up in paralysis from his adversary's attack.

Though paralysis doesn't really matter for his next attack, the Normal-type firing a burst of Hidden Power from his eyes, the rainbow beam smacking the fairly-close Electric-type. Knocked back a bit further through the air, Rotom uses a technique his opponent did last round, a Ball of Shadow appearing in front of him, growing slowly for a good few seconds. Chippy can only look on in fear, unable to run, before the orb is launched, bursting in the Rattata's face, ghostly winds swirling around him, dealing a heavy amount of damage.

Chippy took large damage, now between 1/2 and 1/3 health. Rotom took huge damage in exchange, now well into critical, below the midpoint of 1/4 and empty.

Chippy used decent energy, now just above 2/3, with Dark all gone. Rotom used heavy energy, below 1/2 now.

The two are about 3 metres/10 feet apart

Orders from Handy.
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