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Dropping Kadabra's shitty sig, and giving her a new one.

Nehima the Kadabra (Female)
Bio: Nehime finally seems to have grown out of her "let's sleep all the time" phase, several months after evolving from Abra. What can I say, I guess she's just a little slow. Since she's been alert more, she's been training with Jansen the Drowzee, trying to learn the secrets of hypnosis in exchange for teaching him how to use kinesis. However, I quickly discovered she had no intention of teaching Jansen anything or indeed of learning how to put anyone to sleep.
Special Training: Disturbia (Psychic)
Nehima can use hypnosis, but only in the form that allows her to implant false visions in the opponents head. She cannot use it to put her opponent to sleep. Usable once per opponent per match.
Muyo: Approved with edit

Changing Sneasel's sig, because he already gets rock smash and karate chop is pants, so changing those two out for force palm:

Carlos the Sneasel (Male)
Bio: What is it about the PASBL that attracts so many illegal Mexicans and ex-cagefighters with a chip on their shoulder the size of the grand canyon? Perhaps we'll never know, but what I do know is this; Carlos is a Mexican ex-cagefighter with a chip on his shoulder the size of the grand canyon. Hailing from the hustle and bustle of Mexico city, he was exposed to the rougher side of life from a young age. Discovering he had a talent for fighting, he ended up earning money by joining an underground cagefighting circuit. He seemed like a real up and comer; just two seasons in to his career, he earned the chance to fight for the championship after emerging as an unexpected winner in a major tournament.
Unfortunately, it was not to be. The champion - a powerful and experienced Heracross - won the match easily, and left Carlos with several severe injuries. When he finally returned to the ring, his lack of practice during his prolonged recovery and the long-term damage left by some of these injures resulted in a string of embarrassing defeats. Carlos left the ring a broken pokemon. His days were spent drinking and trying to chat up the señoritas that frequented the bars.
One day, several months after his departure from cage fighting, he heard of the PASBL, and decided it presented the perfect opportunity to train and get back on form. His self stated mission; to show the PASBL exactly why so many trainers have mexicans and ex-cagefighters on their squads.
Special Training: ¿Quien es más macho? (Dark/Fighting)
"¡YO SOY MAS MACHO!" Ahem, thank you, Carlos. Due to his experience in the Mexican cagefighting circuit, the fighting type replaces his ice typing, and he has all the associated weaknesses and resistances of a dark/fighting type. As a result of this change, he loses hail, ice beam, avalanche and blizzard. He gains mach punch and force palm.
Muyo: Rejected

Plus sigging some of my other 'mon:

Monarch the Gyarados level 2 Female
Bio: Monarch has the same penchant for mindless destruction as all others of her species. In fact, she gets a little too into it at times, and it can be quite hard to get her out of it.
Special Training: Rinse and Repeat (Typeless)
Monarch gets very enthusiastic in her destruction. Her effectiveness increases as she repeats an attack. If she uses the same attack twice in a row, the second use is 10% more powerful and 10% more energy intensive than usual. The third time in a row is 20% more energy using and damaging, and the fourth 30%. Any subsequent uses remain at 30% until she uses another move. However, due to her enthusiasm, there is a 10% chance after the second use in a row that she'll refuse an order to do something else and use the same move again, a 20% chance after the third use, a 30% chance after the fourth use and for subsequent uses. Note that this sig only applies for successive uses; once she uses a different move, the effect is reset.
Muyo: Approved

Archibold the Squirtle (Male)
Bio: Archibold always hated dirt and mud, and spent much of his time cleaning himself off with water gun. I tried to get him to train with various ground types, in an attempt to train him in ground moves and help fight his electric weakness, but he rejected them all as being too dirty. Eventually, I managed to get him to train with a Baltoy, as Baltoy's levitation kept him away from the dirt and "clean as a whistle" as Archibold put it.
Special Training: Gaia (Ground)
Due to his hatred of dirt, Archibold can no longer use muddy water or mud slap. However, due to his training with Baltoy, he can make his hidden power of the ground type twice per match.
Muyo: Approved with edit

Gemini the Staryu level 1 Genderless
Bio: Gemini has always believed she belonged with the stars. She has a major god complex, believing she needs to save everyone. One thing she was always jealous of though was flying types sheer manoeuvrability, which far exceeded her species characteristic bestowed limited psychic flight. She worked at it hard, and eventually improved, although she never did reach the heights of a bird pokemon.
Special Training: Star Power (Psychic)
Gemini's extensive training has increased the power of her psychic flight. In addition to her original species characteristic bestowed flight powers, star power gives her the flight capabilities of a Magnemite, with similar limitations on flight ceiling and speed. Gemini enters battle with star power active, and burns through moderate energy each round to keep it so (half that if she's underwater due to her natural ability to move underwater). In addition, physical movements and attacks cost slightly more energy when star power is active in the same way they do when agility is active. Star power can be deactivated at the cost of a move, and reactivated at the cost of a thunderbolts worth of psychic energy. However, she cannot reactivate it for two rounds after it's been deactivated.
Muyo: Approved

The 'Mon with no name - Ivysaur level 2 Male
Ivysaur has been hard for me to train. Not because he's incompetent or stubborn - quite the opposite - but because he costs me a fortune, being such a fussy eater.
Special Training: Fussy Eater (Grass)
Being such a fussy eater, Ivysaur has learnt to tailor his draining attacks (mega drain, leech seed etc) to drain a specific type of energy. He can only use a fussy draining move three times per match, and only two different types per match. The unspecified form of these attacks are lost to him, and they now drain 20% less energy than usual.
Muyo: No chance. Rejected

The Artist formerly known as Hoothoot level 1 Female
Hoothoot is a nightmare to deal with. She believes that she's the next hot thing in music, and after deciding that whatever name I bestowed on her wouldn't be good enough for that career, she took to calling herself an aesthetically pleasing but ultimately unpronounceable love symbol. Seeing as no one can actually say it, we've taken to referring to her as "the artist formerly known as Hoothoot".
Signature Move: The Unpronounceable Love Symbol (Normal)
Hoothoot fires a small purple love symbol at her opponent. It's kind of an anti-swagger, in that it lowers the opponents attack power and makes them less likely to obey their trainer, especially if ordered to perform offensive moves. All effects associated with the love symbol end when the affected party gets hit by an attack. It's usable as many times as she wants, but becomes much less effective with each use due to the opponent building up a resistance to it. Naturally angry pokemon and those under the effects of something like swagger are more resistant to the attack, whilst those under the effects of something like calm mind are more susceptible. Takes energy equal to swagger.
Muyo: Rejected

Geno the Electabuzz (Male)
Bio: Geno grew up in a troubled area of London. In order to try and stop people joining gangs, lots of community projects were set up in the area. One such project was a youth boxing club. It was here that Geno found his calling.
Geno was a pretty talented boxer, as it turned out. He was consistently near the top of the league. When I passed through the area, I offered to further train him, and give him an opportunity to train the full breadth of his skills. He agreed, and he's been a part of my team ever since.
However, he remains unsatisfied with himself, and is constantly pushing himself harder. He trains with my other squad members whenever they're available - mainly Sandshrew and Ivysaur - and practices set pieces and increasing the power of his thunder attacks when alone. All this hard work paid off when, eventually he evolved into an Electabuzz. He took a day off after evolving to get used to his new form, but has since resumed training, ever striving for greater power.
Special Training: Harder Better Faster Stronger (Typeless)
Due to his excessive training, Geno has accelerated beyond my training regime for him and beyond where I expected him to be. As such, he is considered a special one level higher on my squad and does not count towards the two level ups allowed. However, due to spending a little too much time training, he has 10% less energy in battle than others of his species.

Muyo: This is bad, and you should feel bad.
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