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NO UR DOING IT WRONG Talon dislikes that it doesn't really seem to fit my impression of the Gentleman trainer class.

The majority of Talon absolutely loves it for a) being beautiful and b) being wonderful. An excellent example of someone thinking outside the box. I love that they saw the Gentleman's cane and thought of some returning veterans' own need for canes. I also love how tasteful it is, leaving quite a bit up to the imagination (did he lose his leg in an IED explosion? did he take a bullet to the hip? other?) and not glorifying any gore (pretty much covering it all up with Arcanine's massive body).

I tried to do a reverse image search to find the original artist but was not able to. I did, however, find a larger scale version of the picture:

Final verdict: 9 or 9.5 out of 10
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