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It got off to a bad start for me because the first scene I saw was carbonite casings in the Mandalorian's ship. The original carbonite transport was an ad hoc solution Vader came up with using Cloud City's mining facilities. It was not some standardized method of transporting prisoners.

Some other nitpicks are the Mandalorian blacksmith being an obvious woman from the hairstyle (I would have preferred it a surprise), which likely is that Kathleen Kennedy influence. The "bounty droid" somehow making it ahead of the Mandalorian to the slaver's base, despite the Mandalorian needing to ride the two-legged Bantha to get there.

Werner Herzog name-dropping "parsec" and too much in-universe jibberish. Like that metal that the Mandalorian got had an imperceptible name, it could simply be called "Mandalorium" and we the audience would have immediately picked up on the significance of it, instead of needing exposition later to explain it.

Mostly episode I nitpicks. I felt the second episode was a lot more organic about things.
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