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Whimsicott UPN PASBL Fairy Gym Match: Machamp-X vs rotomotorz

Machamp-X vs. Rotomotorz
Equiall 5
48 Hr DQ
Arena: Clouds of Passaj
A large expanse of pink, solidified clouds, pierced by the tip of a mountain. Battle takes place on the clouds; the mountain is inaccessible. The arena is full of a clear pink mist, which will lower the resistance to status of all non-Fairy Pokemon. This means that inflicting status through moves such as Discharge will be easier, but it will have no effect upon the potency of the status.. The mist also has the effect of making Fairy-types more enthusiastic. The mist cannot be blown away, and it does not reduce visibility.

The cleansing effects of the arena affect Poison types adversely, and any Poison-type that is not part-Fairy will feel uncomfortable. Steel and Poison attacks are also partially absorbed by the clouds, causing a slight decrease in damage output. The clouds allow Earthquake, Bulldoze, Dig and Earth Power to pass through them. Terrain affecting Rock-type moves and other terrain affecting moves somehow work here. In the centre, upon the tip of the mountain, an indestructible, circular pool of pink water, full of energy, is placed. This pool is treated like normal water, except for the fact that Fairies are better at swimming in it than most Pokemon (excepting Water-types.)
The resident Fairy Gym Leader defends against the resident inorganic enthusiast. Given like half of this man's squad is Steel typed this'll be a rough challenge- Can Champ handle it?

Well, only one way to find out. Champ, your squad please?

Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.
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