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So, I watched Book 4 over the past few days. Saw a major spoiler yesterday which made me know I had to watch Book 4

Originally Posted by Concept View Post
Minor thought, having watched as far as episode 10:

Spoiler: show
So originally upon the reveal that Kuvira was planning on attacking Republic City, my reaction was that it was a stupid plot point that kinda diverged from Kuvira's actions so far (unifying the Earth Kingdom). I just remembered why it's not - Republic City and the area it controls were once part of the Earth Kingdom, and were the initial Fire Nation colonies at the start of hundred years war. A century later when Ozai is defeated, the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom couldn't agree who got control of the colonies (which had at that point been FN for a hundred years but were historically EK) so they ended up becoming separate. Kuvira likely views Republic City as rightfully part of her nation.

However, I only know this from wiki/the comics. It's never once been raised in the show, which is poor writing if they're now going to use it to justify a major plot development. And if they don't justify Kuvira's attack on Republic City, then it's also shitty writing. This season is kinda disappointing me after last season. Kuvira is believable, but only because I have experience of people like UnownMew - people like Kuvira are infuriating, pathetic and petty, not interesting major villains. I just find myself kinda grumpy whenever she's on screen.

I'm also annoyed that they've opted to have Toph sit out on the basis of "lol old". Bumi was 112 when he single-handedly freed Omashu and helped liberate Ba Sing Se from comet-enhanced firebenders, you're telling me Toph can't/won't stomp some of Kuvira's troops into the ground? The worlds greatest metal bender was ten feet from a giant metal superweapon and did nothing.

Unrelatedly, I feel like Korras confrontation with Zaheer could've been the backbone of an entire episode and was kinda rushed. But he was, as ever, the shows only villain to rival Zuko. That was nice.
Spoiler: show
It was a plot point in Book 3 with the Earth Queen being outraged, claiming the Earth Kingdom had been pressured into ceding that territory to the United Republic. So it did come up before

Spoiler: show
well, to be honest, there was a lot of tease for it, but, realistically, did any of us really expect a Nickelodeon cartoon to have a canon lesbian couple? CN barely scraped Marcy and Peebles and that was only confirmed outside the show itself. And I disagree that the romance was not well-written. I knew Korra and Asami were endgame before watching Book 4 and all throughout the season I saw hints upon hints. Lingering glances, her only writing to Asami, a million little tells that definitely added up. Aang/Katara? Yeah that was really shitty writing and was a terrible resolution, but Korra and Asami had some real chemistry in a way that wasn't just like siblings.

Overall reactions:
Spoiler: show
It was better than The Last Airbender. tLA suffered from some terrible villains. Ozai was not a great or well-written villain and the end Deus Ex Machina was a cop out. Azula was a credible threat but she grew secondary, and Zuko joined up with the heroes and wasn't entirely a villain. Zhao never did anything right.

Zaheer, overall, was the best villain in the franchise. The Red Lotus as a whole was just the greatest. We had some great introduction of the White Lotus in the original series, and it clearly grew a fair bit in between the serieses, which made the splinter cell a completely believable direction to go in. Especially in regards to the fact that the primary foursome was the most diverse cohesive team we've seen since the original series. It had a bender of each of the four elements, but before Harmonic Convergence, it was three benders and a nonbender. Either way, together, they at one point or another represented the five different kinds of peoples in the Avatar world. My personal tastes also lie with Ghazan, who was charismatic and a great personality right up until the end, as well as having a great bending subset. He even bantered with and complimented Bolin during their final fight.

Korra also took the concepts in the original series, the things that made us love Avatar, and expanded them. Metalbending and Lightningbending become better understood. Technology progressed, and I'm sure in no small part to folks like the machinist and Sokka who pushed with innovative ideas.

Also, what's people's problem with Jinora? She's spiritually attuned, but that never stopped people from liking Guru Pathik. She might be more gifted with it than him, but remember that she also manifested with them at a time when the separation between the mortal and spirit realms was very weak, very close to the same Harmonic Convergence that gave at least dozens the ability to Airbend. She's an airbending prodigy, but so was her grandfather, and her grandmother is Katara. She has very strong bending in her blood, and a deeper spiritual connection isn't that far-fetched.

Also, there's the hypothesis that Bolin has the rare Lavabending ability because his father was Earth Kingdom and his mother was Fire Nation, lava being seen as an in-between. Well, Jinora's from the line of Katara and Aang, Water and Air. As we saw from Korra Book 2, there's spiritual healing arts in waterbending, as well as the magic healing, showing a deep spirituality, and Airbenders are known for spirituality, so it's entirely likely she gets some of that from that. Notably, her uncle Bumi also communes with spirits pretty effectively, able to communicate with Bumju quite well, even if they can only exchange the gist of their meanings to each other.

I loved Varrick and Zhu Li. "You may now... do the thing". That was absolutely beautiful. Their chemistry was great and they played really well. They're so quirky, they were totally made for each other.

I didn't ship Korra and Asami before but I love it and I do now.

In sum, I find Korra much better than the original series and a great addition to the world of Avatar.
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As may be expected though, our clear winner here was Kairne, ASB's champion of prioritizing the pokemon you like over those that are objectively better. I mean, one of his mains is a Watchog.
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