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The Legend of Korra Book 4 Episode 13: (second half of the season finale)

Spoiler: show
Procrastinating this post results in dulled excitement and memory. Better late than never, though.

My feelings on the finale and its place in the Avatar franchise are echoed by this Twitter user:
Sozin's Comet is a great capstone to an already-remarkable show. Korra's finale is a redemption round for a mediocre-to-average show.
First: while Korra did improve from the disastrous Season 2 and generally disappointing end of Season 1, it never fully recovered. It never fully caught up to Avatar: the Last Airbender and stayed there. Any visits to such peaks in quality were short-lived, and overall Season 4 felt a weaker tour to me than Season 3.

Second: redemption round indeed. That's the big difference between the two series finales, isn't it? A:tLA's was much more a capstone to a heralded project. Korra's, on the other hand, had a lot of visible attempts at winning over a perceptibly lost crowd and at fanning the flames in the hearts of those who'd never left.

Anyway ...

Kuvira: to the end, she remained a less-interesting villain than Zaheer or pre-reveal Amon.

Korrasami: I disagree with those in the community who felt that this reationship was well-developed. That's my biggest complaint with it. Seasons 1 and 2, nothing. Season 3, I didn't see anything -- and neither did any of you if we're being completely honest, folks, given how not a single UPNer brought it up during S3 despite our numerous LGBT Korra viewers. And then finally in Season 4, some semi-subtle signs here or there that were so obvious we all joked about them but so subtle we couldn't really be sure what was going on. Even right up to the very end, we have Korrasami proponents admitting that they were worried the scene at the wedding with Korra and Mako was leading into a Makorra ending. How can any of us claim that Korrasami was "well-developed" when you have doubts about it right on up until the final minutes of the series!? Straight, gay, bi, I don't care: I want my romance to be well-written. Korrasami wasn't that. (Though to be completely fair: neither was Katara x Aang. Friendzoned friendzoned friendzoned SUDDENLY RECIPROCAL FEELINGS OF LOVE.)

Mako's fate: silly execution. They make it seem like if Mako detonates the reactor he'll die instantly (when he and Bolin are arguing over the plan) and then they go and have it take such sweet time detonating that Bolin is able to come back, rescue Mako, and get the two of them out of there in time.

In the end ...
  • I'm glad I chose to watch 'til the end instead of quitting after Season 2
  • I do still think that Korra is better programming than most of what you'll find on Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel
  • but I don't think Korra managed to tie, let alone surpass, the original series
I think Korra demonstrates the huge problem with writing to your fanbase (and worrying about their expectations) rather than writing in solitary confinement and turning out a flawless gem that is untouched by the fans during creation. With A:tLA, they had had an idea for a three-part saga, they pitched it to Nickelodeon, they got accepted, and they wrote it. With Korra, they forced a sequel to their original work, they only had one season in mind, and then when we all cried "WHAT!? " they forced three more.
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