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Originally Posted by empoleon dynamite View Post
Spoiler: show
Are you honestly saying there's more romantic female relationships in TV than close friendships? Without even leaving Nickelodean you have iCarly, Sam and Cat and Victorious which all feature a female lead with a female best friend(s). If you’re looking for animated examples, My Little Pony and Sailor Moon both quality. I understand that they’re not nearly as common as bromances, but they’re WAAAAY more common than same sex relationships.
Spoiler: show
Not exactly, I'm saying close female friendships - even when they supposedly exist - are a dynamic that's mostly just ignored. It's almost always an informed attribute. Take Buffy for example - the only female relationships that are properly explored are the strain being the Slayer brings between Buffy and her mother and Willow/Tara. Despite being close friends the entire show, Buffy/Willows friendship is taken for granted and never really given a showing where Willow/Xander is explored in detail and given a lot more emphasis, particularly in S6. Angel explores plenty of Cordelia and Freds relationships with the male cast and explores the at times rocky relationships between Westley/Gunn and Westley/Angel, but between any two female characters? Nope. Fred/Cordelias friendship gets zero exploration. And these are shows praised for their excellent female characterisation - most tv shows don't even do as much as they did. Skins puts a lot of focus onto several male hetero friendships (Cid/Tony is a big one), a bunch of relationships including a lesbian relationship (Emily/Naomi in the second generation), but female best friends (like Michelle/Jal)? We're informed they're best friends, they hang out, that's about it. No depth. I could go on.

I greatly appreciate what they've done with Korra/Asami, particularly being on childrens TV, and despite my gripes that their suddenly sexuality in S4 is a tad jarring I understand there's not really much they could've done to improve it. I think they built them very well romantically over S4 and platonically in S3. I'm just lamenting that once again we're left with a show that gives no time to exploring any genuine female friendships, even where they exist. There are a bunch of excellent female characters in Korra, but the only explored female relationships are the now romantic Korra/Asami and the family tension of the Beifongs.

Korra/Asami have been well done both from a platonic and a romantic perspective, it's just that in season 3 I was enjoying the rare well handled platonic female friendship and was a tad put out that the only strong female bond in the show had to be made romantic. Strong non-romantic bonds are allowed, writers, and they don't have to be confined to the bromance, but I really struggle to think of examples.
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What can the harvest hope for, if not the care of the reaper man?

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