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Spoiler: show
Korrasami is all but canon at this point. Notice that the song that they chose for that final scene is a reprise of this song from ATLA. And the way that the final scene went down parallels the Kataang ending quite well. Furthermore, both the show and the voice-actors (Seychelle and Janet) have retweeted this article.

I say kudos to the writers for having the balls to set up a subtle Korrasami relationship. Rarely do we get shows where the lead is a female, and even more rare are shows where the female lead doesn't end up with the guy. Having a woman be without a male romantic love interest is a very feminist choice. But what is even rarely is actual queer representation, where the character is possibly not heterosexual. And if the character happens to be gay, their sexuality is the focus of some large storyline. In this case, Korra is a female lead who just happens to be bisexual, and the hints are subtle rather than the sexuality be a major focal point.

Willow/Tara comparisons make sense. I like the way that the show set up the Korra/Asami dynamic and developed it throughout the past few seasons. In retrospect, this ending adds a whole new dimension to the Mako/Korra/Asami love triangle in Season 1.

I was really happy when Korrasami happened. The show has decided to be progressive, and honestly, Asami is a good fit for Korra. She's sensible and compassionate, and unlike Mako, she is a good influence on her. For a moment during the Finale, I was worried that the final Mako/Korra interaction at the wedding was going to end in a Makorra dance, but the show surprised me by going in a different direction.

Korra/Asami's final moment was touching, and regardless of whether they are friends or are something more, I'm glad that the show ended with those two. Season 3 and Season 4 were heavily female-centric anyway, and it felt right that Korra's journey would end with a talk with Tenzin and then a trip with Asami.

Also, I gotta say that I like the way that the series tied up Kuvira's storyline. Korra overcame this Big Bad through empathy, showing how far that she has come since Book 1. And it's not coincidence that the show's Female Big Bad is the one with whom Korra sympathises and then finds common ground. You feel for Kuvira during this scene, and it was well-done. Yes, the show could've ended with Korra taking down Kuvira in a big battle, but I like this ending better.


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