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Originally Posted by Concept View Post
Spoiler: show
Like other shows before it, female relationships are either rivalry, not all that close or romantic. TV apparently has no room for close female friends.
Spoiler: show
Are you honestly saying there's more romantic female relationships in TV than close friendships? Without even leaving Nickelodean you have iCarly, Sam and Cat and Victorious which all feature a female lead with a female best friend(s). If you’re looking for animated examples, My Little Pony and Sailor Moon both quality. I understand that they’re not nearly as common as bromances, but they’re WAAAAY more common than same sex relationships.

Everything else you said was completely valid. I can see why it feels shoehorned and I honestly don’t believe it crossed the creators minds until season 3 onwards, which I can see being a huge problem with some people. But you can't undermine how important this is for a show targeted at children. For young LGBT and questioning, they finally have a hero they can relate to.

I’m not saying that the ends justify the means – I actually really like how their relationship evolved over the past two seasons and felt it was so much better handled than the trainwreck that was Makorra. It parallels same sex relationships in more adult shows like Buffy, where the bi/lesbian character in question goes through some bad straight relationships before finding love with someone who just happens to be the same sex.

I'm sorry if this relationship bothers some people, but I can't possibly put into words how happy I was when it happened because I've been shipping them since the final scene of season 3. I'll definitely be posting more on the episode in the next few days. In the meantime...


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