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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Wait a minute! What happened there? Chuck's Poliwrath used Mind Reader on Qwilfish. Next turn, it went for Hypnosis, but the move failed! And no, Qwilfish was not already statused. Poliwrath was poisoned, though, and fainted from poison damage that same turn.
In Generation 2, Qwilfish had the ability Insomnia. This was changed in Generation 3 with the advent of Poison Point to better suit the Pokémon.

... No, but seriously, that sounds sort of like the Gen 1 glitches we often hear about. Like how ATV the Venomoth managed to defeat Lance's Dragonite because lololol Agility was Psychic-type spammed against the Poison-type moth to no effect. I wonder if you have the right idea about the move failing due to Poliwrath's poisoned status. I wonder if you can't replicate it by having one of your Pokémon be deliberately poisoned, attempt to use Mind Reader followed by Hypnosis against an enemy, and see what happens.
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