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Move Descriptions:

Here we have move descriptions for Gen VI moves;

Spoiler: show
Aromatic Mist (FA) - Using mild energy, the user releases a cloud of magical perfume, which calms and fortifies the user and any other pokemon that breathe it in, raising their Special Defense.

Baby-Doll Eyes (FA) - The user opens their eyes wide, sending forth a wave of calming magical energy using mild energy. This attack discourages the foe from attacking the user directly, decreasing the effectiveness of their physical attacks. This lasts until the user attacks the foe. Baby-Doll Eyes, like Fake Tears, may also make the opponent reconsider attacking. The victim's mental state and the current battle must be taken into account, and repeat uses are highly unlikely to interrupt.

Belch (PO) - The user lets out a strong burp, sending forth a massive bubble of toxic goo. The bubble then floats towards the foe, exploding on contact. Any Pokémon hit by the bubble will suffer major damage.

Boomburst (NO) - The user releases a gigantic blast of sound, radiating in a wide area in front of it. This extremely forceful shockwave deals massive damage. Pokemon will find this move taxing on the vocal chords, reducing the effectiveness of future sound based moves for the next two rounds.

Confide (XX) - The user communicates a frightening, embarrassing or enraging secret to the foe, causing them to become distracted and lose their concentration, lowering their Special Attack temporarily. If the target has already had a couple of focus or mental boosts, this attack is less likely to work. Confide, like Fake Tears, may also make the opponent reconsider attacking. The victim's mental state and the current battle must be taken into account, and repeat uses are highly unlikely to interrupt.

Crafty Shield (FA) - The user casts a magical aura around themselves and any allies, using good energy. The aura prevents all opposing, non-damaging attacks (such as Toxic) from working, but will not protect against any damaging attacks. It fades away after successfully blocking one move. A Pokémon cannot move while using Crafty Shield, and Crafty Shield immediately fades if the user starts another attack.

Dazzling Gleam (FA) - The user releases a bright burst of magical energy, dealing considerable damage to the foe and possibly lowering their accuracy for a short time, similar to Flash.

Disarming Voice (FA) - The user lets out a coaxing cry, casting magical energy into the arena in the form of a stream of pink soundwaves. Much like confuse ray, this move can be tightly focused or spread out up to 180 degrees in front of the user (which weakens its potency), with the focused version dealing moderate damage.

Draining Kiss (FA) - The user coats their lips with a magical energy, lightly kissing the foe. The energy saps a good amount of health from the foe, restoring 3/4's of it to the user. Subsequent uses will cause the amount of health restored to drop.

Eerie Impulse (EL) - The user uses good energy to release a peculiar electric wave at a unique frequency, affecting the neural processes of the target. The mental effects of this attack sharply reduce the targets special attack power. The users mental state must be taken into account when considering the effectiveness of this move. It also suffers from diminishing returns.

Electric Terrain (EL) - For considerable energy the user sends a powerful electric charge into the ground, causing it to surge with electricity for five turns. The charge energizes any Pokémon in contact with the ground, preventing them from falling asleep and also makes Electric-type moves slightly stronger. Nature Power will become Thunderbolt while this move is in effect, and Weather Ball will become Electric-typed when used by a grounded Pokemon.

Electrify (EL) - Using significant energy, the user sends forth a powerful charge to envelop the target. Due to the realigning of electric charges and magnetic polarities, the target's next attack will always be treated as Electric. The target still uses up the same type of energy it initially used for the attack. Energy use for this attack increases with repeated uses, much like Protect.

Fairy Lock (FA) - The user casts a strange spell over the battlefield, interfering with the mechanisms in Pokéballs, preventing any switching during the next three rounds, both by the user and foe, including through Baton Pass or similar moves. This move costs decent energy.

Fairy Wind (FA) - The user stirs up an enchanted wind laced with magical energy, sending it at the foe for moderate damage.

Fell Stinger (BG) - The user coats a stinger or sharp forelimb in moderate Bug energy and stabs the opponent with it using great force. If this attack is the attack that causes the target to faint, this Pokémon gets a massive boost in Attack.

Flower Shield (FA) - Using considerable energy, the user releases a burst of magical energy, creating a flowery shield around all Grass-type Pokémon which raises their Defence. Any Grass type Pokémon that enter battle will gain a boost in Defence. This boost fades like any normal boost.

Flying Press (FT/FL) - The user leaps into the air, coming down on top of the target with its full weight, dealing considerable damage. This move deals half and half Flying and Fighting damage and uses energy in the same proportion.

Forest's Curse (GR) - The user taps into the power of nature, placing a strange curse on a Pokémon. For the next few rounds, the target will take less damage from Grass, Ground, Water and Electric attacks, but will be vulnerable to Bug, Fire, Ice, Flying and Poison attacks.

Freeze-Dry (IC) - The user breathes out extremely cold air which surrounds the foe, rapidly chilling them and dealing solid damage, possibly causing localised freezing. Ice types use this move to it's full potential, the rapid freezing the rapid freezing making it ]extremely effective against Pokémon who hold a significant amount of moisture and thus super effective against Water types.

Geomancy (FA) - Using significant energy, the user taps into the essence of nature itself, pulling pure energy into its body in a ring of colorful lights. This sharply raises its Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed at the beginning of the next round.

Grassy Terrain (GR) - For considerable energy the user spreads invigorating Grass energy along the ground, causing grass and flowers to sprout in even the most rugged environments. This super invigorated grass will restore some (~light) health to all Pokémon touching the ground for the next five rounds, until the energy fades and also makes Grass-type moves slightly stronger. Nature Power will become Seed Bomb while this move is in effect, and Weather Ball will become Grass-typed when used by a grounded Pokemon.

Infestation (BG) - Using significant energy, the user sends forth a wave of small, bug like creatures to attack the foe. The creatures swarm the target, dealing mild damage, but will linger on the foe for five rounds, dealing minor damage every round and causing discomfort that will annoy and distract the foe. The foe will become used to the annoyance over the course of the move, and the distraction effect will suffer from severe diminishing returns for repeated uses on the same target.

Ion Deluge (EL) - Using significant energy, the user releases a burst of charged particles, ionizing every Pokémon on the battlefield. All physical moves listed as XX will be treated as Electric for the next five rounds, but will use no Electric energy.

King's Shield (ST) - The user (always Aegislash) arms itself with its shield, expending a significant amount of energy to harshly reduce the damage from incoming physical attacks. This mode can be held as long as ordered, but will expend significant energy for every subsequent move held longer than two attacks' worth. Any enemy that comes into contact with Aegislash while King's Shield is active while using an attack will suffer 25% recoil damage from the attack used, and have their physical strength reduced for the following round from the jarring impact of crashing against the shield.

Land's Wrath (GD) - The user (always Zygarde) focuses a spike of Ground energy that erupts from the ground and pierces into the target. Unlike Earthquake, this move can be used on most if not all terrain, and also deals significant physical damage.

Magnetic Flux (EL) - Using considerable energy, the user releases an electromagnetic burst, causing all friendly Electric Pokémon to be surrounded by a magnetic barrier. This barrier robs attacks of their power and momentum, effectively giving a slight boost to the Defense and Special Defense of any friendly Electric Pokémon for the rest of the battle, including the user.

Mat Block (FT) - The user pulls up a chunk of the ground, using it to protect it and any nearby allies from a single move. The effectiveness and energy use depends on the type of terrain the user is standing on; soft, loamy ground will not create an effective shield, but hard, rocky ground or metallic ground will defend against a wide array of attacks.

Misty Terrain (FA) - For considerable energy the user spreads magical Fairy energy along the ground, causing a low pink mist to rise up. This strange mist protects any Pokémon making contact with ground from being afflicted by statuses for five rounds or until dispelled or blow away and also makes Dragon-type moves slightly weaker. Nature Power will become Moonblast while this move is in effect, and Weather Ball will become Fairy-typed when used by a grounded Pokemon.

Moonblast (FA) - The user feeds from the magical energy of the moon, gathering power into an orb in front of them before launching it at the foe, dealing significant damage. Unlike Moonlight, this attack is not affected by the time of day nor the location of the battle arena. Moonblast has a 20% chance to lower the foe's special attack stat for a few rounds.

Mystical Fire (FI) - The user exhales a magical, dancing flame, scalding the foe for solid damage and using significant energy. Due to the mysterious nature of the fire, it lowers the foe's Special abilities.

Noble Roar (XX) - The user lets out throaty, noble roar, attempting to intimidate the foe to discourage them from attacking, slightly lowering both their Attack and Special Attack. This move will only work if the foe would be reasonably intimidated by the user. Debuff fades like a normal boost.

Nuzzle (EL) - The user's cheeks begin to spark with electricity before rushing the foe, rubbing their nose against them. Between the friction of the rubbing and the sparks released from their cheeks, this attack deals moderate damage for good energy. The static build up is also very likely to cause intense paralysis.

Oblivion Wing (FL) - The user (always Yvetal) coats their wings in a haunting energy, before firing the aura for considerable damage. This energy robs the target of its life energy, restoring 3/4 of the damage done to the user. Repeated uses of this move will cause the amount restored to drop.

Parabolic Charge (EL) - The user releases a burst of electrical energy, creating an electrical link between it and its foe. This link drains energy from the foe at a high rate, using the energy to restore a portion of its own energy and recover health slightly. Repeated usage of this move will have increasingly diminshed effects.

Parting Shot (DK) - Using significant energy, the user surrounds itself in a dark aura, while taunting the foe in a menacing fashion. Due to the Dark aura surround the user, the user is able to more easily deride the foe, causing the target to suffer a drop in their Attack and Special Attack. Following this taunting, the Dark energy will allow the user to retreat to their Pokéball, with the next Pokémon being sent out into the field. When the new Pokémon is sent out, it gains the exact physical and psychological mindset of the user. While things such as poison and physical injuries are NOT carried over, attacks like Curse (Normal version), Agility and mental conditions such as Confusion and Berserk will be passed. Alongside other switching moves, this is the only way a trainer can switch Pokémon in a Switch=KO battle.

Petal Blizzard (GR) - The user releases a violent shower of petals, flinging a storm of sharp petals at the foe for significant damage. Due to the force and amount of the petals used in the attack, this attack can break through Light Screens.

Phantom Force (GH) - The user vanishes, striking a few moments later to surprise the foe and deal solid damage for significant energy. Due to the surprising nature of this attack, it cannot be easily dodged, protected or countered, but is by no means impossible.

Play Nice (XX) - The user acts playfully, attempting to dissuade their foe from battle. If successful, the foe will become friendlier and calmer, lowering its Attack. The victim's mental state and the current battle must be taken into account.

Play Rough (FA) - The user roughhouses with the foe, beating them with a number of sneaky blows while maintaining a playful facade, dealing significant damage. Because of the carefree and playful nature of this attack, the foe may be discouraged to fight back, lowering the effectiveness of its next attack or any attack used during this move. The victim's mental state and the current battle must be taken into account for this additional effect.

Powder (BG) - Using solid energy the user coats the foe in a fine, volatile powder. If the target uses a Fire-type move, the powder will explode violently, dealing significant damage. Targeting an open flame on a Fire-type Pokemon will have a chance of dealing good damage instead.

Power-Up Punch (FT) - The user builds a radiating energy into their fist, punching the foe for moderate damage for good energy. Due to the powerful energy built up to use this attack, every use of this move will raise the user's Attack slightly.

Rototiller (GD) - The user tills the soil by spinning or digging rapidly using good energy, bringing up fresh nutrients from underneath. Any Grass Pokémon that come into contact with the ground will be able to reap its nutrients, giving them a boost to their Attack and Special Attack as long as they have contact with the ground. This may only be used on terrain with soil, dirt or sand.

Spiky Shield (GR) - The user forms a spiny shield from Grass energy, using it to block the next move. This move uses as much energy as the attack it blocks, using slightly more energy with each subsequent use in a similar fashion to Protect. Due to the spiky nature of the shield, it will cause any Pokémon making physical contact with it to suffer recoil damage equal to a quarter of the base damage they would have dealt.

Sticky Web (BG) - Using good energy, the user spits a series of sticky spider webs around the foe's team, sticking to their limbs and slowing them. Movement on these webs by non Bug-type pokemon will be noticeably slowed.

Topsy-Turvy (DK) - The user afflicts the foe with a strange curse using significant energy, reversing the effectiveness of any boosts they currently have.

Trick-or-Treat (GH) - Using significant energy, the user surrounds the foe in a ghostly aura, possessing them with a haunting spirit. For the next few rounds, the target will be vulnerable to Ghost and Dark attacks but will take less damage from Bug and Poison moves.

Venom Drench (PO) - Using significant energy, the user spits a peculiar toxin onto the target, which rapidly soaks into their skin. If the target is poisoned, the toxin will have a reaction that will ravage their body, causing their whole body to weaken significantly, slightly dropping their Attack, Special Attack and Speed for the duration of a normal boost.

Water Shuriken (WA) - The user blows out a flurry of five sharp, cutting blasts of water that flies at the foe at a very high speed. Each hit deals light damage, dealing up to heavy damage if each hits. Because of their high speed, it is difficult to avoid all of the shurikens, although not impossible.

We've also made some alterations to some old moves, mostly on the basis of in-game power changes. This list also contains any moves that had their type changed due to Fairy.

Spoiler: show
Charm (FA) -- The user becomes more charming, making the opponent not only more hesitant to attack, but reducing the power of their attacks as well. Rules regarding how long this attack lasts are the same as "Attract."

Fire Pledge (FI) – The user blows flames under its foes which erupt into three pillars of fire, dealing considerable damage. If used immediately before Grass Pledge, it creates a burning pillar of leaves and grass that surround the target for the next two rounds, dealing moderate damage at the end of the round.

Grass Pledge (GR) – The user sends a trio of spiralling leaves at the target which cut at the foe, dealing considerable damage. If used immediately before Water Pledge, it leaves a swamp of grass, leaves and mud which can hinder the movements of the foe.

Knock Off (XX) -- The user attempts a decent, quick strike in an attempt to knock an item away or off an enemy or startle the foe.

Moonlight (FA) – Using significant energy, the user calls upon moonlight to recharge itself. Using a lot of energy, the user takes in the nightlight, and is now given a good chunk of health back in return. This move can NOT be used if the moon is not out, and this attack's effectiveness is reduced or prevented if natural light is limited or not available in the arena.

Struggle Bug (BG) – The user issues a light pulse of Bug energy with a good deal of force behind it, similarly to a Psychic wave, dealing decent damage and attempting to push back the foe.

Sweet Kiss (FA) -- The user kisses the target or sends a few heart shaped pieces of energy, which confuses the victim.

Thief (DK) -- The user uses a solid amount of Dark energy to cloak themselves in a bubble of Dark energy and dart through the shadows right next to the user, then steals the victims item and deals a light, dark-charged tackle attack for good damage, before retreating to its original location. If the target has an attached badge or token, this attack negates its effect and gives it to the user for three rounds.

Water Pledge (WA) – The user sends a trio of pulses of pressurized water towards the target, which erupt underneath them, dealing considerable damage. If used immediately before Fire Pledge, it creates a spray of steam which in turn creates an awe-inspiring rainbow in the light, encouraging all active Pokémon to concentrate on their moves, slightly increasing the chance of secondary effects.
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