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Round 6: Panic

Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Sneaze
"Quick charge Substitute, Thunder Wave, Last Resort."
Originally Posted by Mew
Metronome, then defy them further with a Fire Blast.

As the last energy courses through Siri, the Porygon-Z begins to outline a plan in its tired central processing unit, but is distracted by the Mew appearing before it a ways off, waggling a finger on its paw as it is briefly surrounded by a bright light. This movement becomes almost sinister as the light dissipates, dark energy coursing as the Mew's giggle transforms into mocking laughter to Siri, who becomes so enraged that it abandons all of its designs and begins to throw all of its remaining power into one, final assault. The air around this Porygon-Z crackles as the grass below it whips around and the nearby trees begin to bend, Siri becoming incandescent and growing steadily brighter and the ground begins to shake slightly from the sheer power that is building. Mew's eyes widen as it realizes the potential danger and it zips into the grass, sending a kanji-shaped burst of flames roaring back behind it towards the now beacon in the clearing. Siri sees the fire incoming and can do little about it as it strikes, charring the cybernetic being's form and its yellow eyes grow dim. The incredible energy it had been charging fires off right towards the Mew as the Porygon-Z drops towards the earth...

Spoiler: show
...before its body jerks erratically on a 2D plane and a large blue screen with white text fills the air in a square space where Siri had just occupied. It appears porygon-z.exe has stopped working. Having been clipped by the beam, Mew circles into the sky, tail waggling a final farewell as it vanishes into the canopy, leaving the trainer alone with their fallen champion...

Siri is unable to battle, leaving Sneaze with no usable Pokemon remaining! Mew wins the match!

So, let me weave you a tale of a referee who nearly panicked himself to death when he saw what possibly could've gone down. If I hadn't missed some stuff of course.

I, your innocent referee, saw what Mew ordered and chuckled a bit, knowing the possibilities for a hilarious result. As such, I went and rolled for the Metronome. The Metronome came out as Taunt. I shook my head as I laughed a little bit, thinking about how incredibly unlucky Sneaze has been and continued to be. I thought little of it, went to work, and came back to sit down and ref this. Then, the doubt started to creep in. Looking at the past couple rounds, Mew didn't seem like it would necessarily be too peppy coming into this round, and Siri would cut straight to the Last Resort. Initially under the original orders as constituted, Siri would not have had enough energy by the time Last Resort started to KO Mew. With most of those orders Taunted, suddenly he did. It was also at this point that I remembered Siri's Nasty Plot boost (plus the SC boost), which...would actually be enough to KO, even with a partial, so it came down to how much of a partial this was going to be and how slow the Fire Blast would come out and travel and distances and whatnot. This is when full blown panic started to ensue as I started to consult with other LOs and try to figure out wtf I was going to do with this as suddenly Sneaze had a proper "all the stars have aligned to bring this to you on a silver platter" to make up for all the terrible ordering luck earlier this match. We were figuring out how all the factors would combine into potentially this literally bonkers result that Sneaze went to sleep tonight knowing he was going to lose and suddenly have a Mew in the morning.

And then I remembered Sneaze Giga Impacted last round.

Which, uh, was mildly important to the turn of events.

I don't have much advice to give, just the fact that man is Mew busted and the assurance(?) that hey, in a world where you ordered basically anything good power or higher that wasn't Giga Impact last round, you had a decent shake at coming out of this with a Mew. Who would've thought.

Miror gains 5 SP for reffing a Legend Match.
The Mystery Legend Controller gains 5 SP for controlling a Legend.

I'll leave it to the MLC to reveal their identity if they feel like they want to do so. Thank you all for tuning in and hope I was creative enough with the reffings to make this at least vaguely entertaining for you all, also apologies for the length of this match. Until next time!
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