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Round 5: And I thought the prior round was unfortunate

Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Sneaze
"Agility and Giga Impact."
Originally Posted by Mew
"Quick Sub, followed by a Dynamic Punch."

Y'all probably have a decent idea of where this is headed but a reffing is indeed still necessary.

The body of the Porygon-Z continues to vibrate slightly as it attempts to maintain structural integrity, and is constrained by the residual electric current that interferes with its processing capabilities. With Siri locked in place in midair, the ancestral being takes its time as it pours its essence into another duplicate of itself, vanishing from view as the new Mew takes point with a smile. Vibrating angrily, the dubious cyberduck attempts to shake itself free of its immobility, and the vibrations grow faster and faster until the Porygon's form is almost a blur, albeit still static. As its efforts begin to weaken the bonds, it looks up to see Mew twirling towards it with one arm tucked towards its chest, glowing again with a dull colored power as it spins deftly before clocking Siri on the side of the head with yet another eruption and flash of light, sending the computer generated creature hurtling off as its body parts swing around it helplessly. Putting on the airbrakes and finding itself a bit more limber and agile than it had been, the Porygon-Z lets out three long and then three short beeps and its eyes glow a deep violet. Similar energy begins to surround Siri as Mew looks on with what would be a half-cocked eyebrow (if it had them, of course). Her form is engulfed in what looks to be a purple flame as her body moves with almost impossible speed and careens with a sickening crunch into that of Mew, smashing the legendary against a nearby tree and a loud snap echoes throughout the forest as a large crack forms in it. The screen that protected the being shatters into infinitesimal pieces as Siri looks on triumphant at the Mew pounded into the bark, but it dissolves into nothing as a giggle from behind indicates the reality of the situation. The Porygon-Z turns, its form very unstable by this point as it begins to tap into its backup files for support, and the Mew looks on at the glitching creature, knowing this can't last much longer...
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