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Round 3: A Short One

Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Sneaze
"Nasty Plot and Pain Split."
Originally Posted by Mew
"Use your bubble to go invisible for as long as possible, positioning yourself behind a tree."

Still wincing slightly from the explosive punch, Siri begins to use its internal search engine to determine ways for it to disassemble its foe one piece at a time for the pain it has inflicted. A malicious energy washes over the Porygon-Z, as it strikes upon several profane ideas and feels a surge of power flows through its form, ready to take revenge on that puny cryptid. With an evil glow in its yellow eyes, it looks upon...nothing. Confused, the computer construct's head swivels around, searching for it foe who was just right there, it thought. Carefully, Mew had formed its distinctive bubble around itself and caused it to vanish from the surrounding scenery. Drifting quickly but quietly, the Pokemon progenitor finds a nice thick rubber tree to make its home for the moment, hiding from the view of its foe as the bubble bursts, leaving the Mew visible but not in eyeshot. Worried and a bit agitated, Siri searches briefly but is unable to locate its quarry, and the Mew places a paw up to its mouth in a noiseless giggle, leaving both ready and rested for the next stage of their plans...
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