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Round 2: An eternity later

Hey look this still exists, about a year between the last round and orders and about a year after orders to what I'm doing right now is totally how this was supposed to work amirite

Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Sneaze
"Let's pop off a Charge Beam and then follow up with a Secret Power."
Originally Posted by Mew
Get in close with a Skull Bash, and then sock him with a Dynamic Punch.

A low hum begins to build throughout the humid jungle, as Siri's arms swivel to the front of its body once more. The Porygon-Z's eyes flash a brighter yellow briefly as electricity begins to crackle over the surface of its body, the reddish-pink and blue hues illuminated against the shadows of the canopy as Siri once again searches for their elusive adversary. A twitch in the grass moving in the program's direction and a dull glow is all she needs to aim at before the bolt flies off of its body and into the foliage, the smell of burning ozone filling the surroundings as a squeal of discontent lets Siri know that it found its mark. The radiance from amidst the grass grows steadily brighter as it approaches swiftly, with the Mew hurtling from below the Porygon-Z and smashing headfirst into its core, sending its limbs flailing and head spinning in its orbit as Siri is pushed backwards slightly from the impact. Mew giggles playfully as Siri's body glitches briefly with grey static coursing through her, but the additional power to her processing left behind by the electric current emboldens the analytic creature as it approaches its now visible foe. A familiar pink hue engulfs one of its limbs as an angry dial-up tone escapes from Siri, the arm swinging down to allow the power to take its course from its body into that of the legendary being. The Mew scrunches its face in displeasure as it experiences the sickening sensation its created substitute did just moments ago, and its eyes narrow as it begins to realize that what it thought were playmates may be here for something else entirely. A ruddy-brown energy surrounds one of the Mew's small arms, and with a deft uppercut it swings its fist into the base of Siri's head. A small explosion goes off, as the Porygon-Z's head rockets up and back, with its body snapping elastically to it as it soars backwards, stopped eventually as it slams against a nearby utile. Its body reverts briefly back to lines of green code before after some graphical artifacting it returns to its original appearance. Siri runs a quick diagnostics and realizes things are starting to get a bit dire with the Mew now holding a pronounced lead in their conflict, though the Mew may need to slow its pace sooner the Siri will at the very least...

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